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Tuned to perfection.

  • Tuned by Phil Jones Pure Sound
  • Removable audio cable
  • Folds flat for easy storage

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Edifier did a splendid job and produced a product that would give anyone who doesn't have a very large budget a very respectable, high fidelity headphone that will give them enjoyment without the pressure of of feeling like they have to spend $200 to get decent sound.

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Thanks to the tuning by Phil Jones highs and mids are very detailed and crisp while bass levels although not great are still surprisingly good especially since we are talking about a pair of 40mm drivers

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As I listen to a large variety of music, I found acoustic music sounds really nice on these headphones. The vocals and instruments sound very clear. My samples of acoustic music are songs by Boyce Avenue which sounds absolutely heavenly on these.

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Pure Sound

Founder of Acoustic Energy, Phil Jones, has personally tuned and calibrated the H850 to deliver a clean and clear sound signature. The H850 ergonomic headphones from Edifier is the pinnacle of pristine audio. It elevates the listening experience and enhances audio tunes. The H850 ergonomic headphone delivers style and comfort for all. They present good sound, great workmanship, and made with quality materials.

Designed with you in mind

H850's ergonomic design provides extreme comfort. Not only is Edifier's H850 stylish, but also built with high-quality insert sponge and leather ear cups for continuous use. The standard 3.5mm cable is removable and easily replaceable. With the H850 ergonomic headphones, you receive the headphones themselves along with the Edifier H850 connecting cable. As a bonus, we have also included a 1/4-inch jack for artists such as bassists, guitar players, and mixers to listen to their performance and hear what exactly they are putting out in the world.


Ideal for travel

Most high-quality headphones are bulky and difficult to manage at times. But not Edifier’s H850 ergonomic headphones. Turn the ear cups inward for a flat fold and place them in your bag without occupying much space. The detachable cable makes it even easier to carry around. Take them home with you today and get lost in a whole new world of imagination, music and comfort.


What's in the box

H850 Headphone, Adapter Cable, User Manual

  • H850
  • frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz
  • impedance: 32Ω
  • connector type: Straight
  • Maximum power: 50mW
  • sound pressure level: 96dB
  • cable length: 2m
  • weight: 0.17KG
  • connector: 3.5mm
  • inline control: No

Customer Questions & Answers


Are they wireless after charging?
By Keith on 2016-05-24


The H850 headphones are wired only. These do not have a wireless option.
By Edifier on 2016-05-24


Does it have a microphone?
By Edson Nascimento on 2016-01-20


No it does not.
By Edifier on 2016-01-20


Is there an adapter which will allow me to listen to music from my computer?
By Homey D. Clown on 2016-02-04


You can plug the headphone directly into the headphone jack of your computer. An adapter is not needed
By Edifier on 2016-02-04


Do the earcups swivel right and left? How big are the earcups? Would they fully envelop a medium to large-sized ear?
By Gianfranco P. on 2016-02-01


The inner diameter of the ear cups measure about 2.5in long and 1.75in wide. I haven't seen anyone with problems fitting his ears into them so far.
By Edifier on 2016-02-02


Can anybody tell me about its sound-isolating abilities? Does it leak sound out? How high do you need to turn the music to get good clarity?
By Paulino on 2016-03-14


You don't need to turn the volume high to achieve clarity and it has good isolation capabilities
By Chris Klamecki on 2016-03-14

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