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Best Activities for Exploring Outdoors

2020 is a tough year for all us, so much has happened in the past couple of months. How much nature have you had recently? I believe we are all struggling a little to get out and enjoy some fresh air. As you can see from the photos on social media, nature is recovering itself when we are in isolation due to the COVID-19, all the plants and animals are flourishing without human intervention. The air around us is now free from pollution. It's time to get the kids and family outside for fun. You don't have to be stuck at home, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do with kids and families without being around with other people. Then you may wonder what outdoor activities are safe to do right now?

We have got some outdoor activity ideas to help you defeat quarantine boredoms while practising social distancing.

Go on a Picnic

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A picnic with family or friends is a great way to have fun meals and to make your days/weekends feel more normal in quarantine. You will be surprised about how excited your kids will get just to eat outside. Get some snacks together, find a park near your home, which is always better to not have so many people there for safety consideration. And don't forget the music! Bring your guitar, or get portable speakers to connect to your phone, and turn your picnic into a small fun party right away!

Rock Climbing

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Get a whole-body workout, a tan, or a refreshing mental challenge with rock climbing, even climbing to the top of the easiest one presents a great confidence booster. Bring some music along with you in case you need some uplift to get you closer to the finish line.

Meditating in Nature

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Who doesn't love being outside in fine weather? Especially meditating outdoors activates our senses, it can help reduce stress and improve our peace of mind. Listening to some gentle music while meditating creates a calmer environment and help us find inner peace and happiness within ourselves. It is something we should all try.

Go for a Bike Ride

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Road biking is always a great way to get some exercise. It's also a great opportunity to teach your kids how to bike since the car traffic is down significantly right now. You'll have no other people to bother you and you probably will have the feeling like you have the road to yourself. No more waiting, get on your bike and ride.

Get Wild with Outdoor Yoga

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Try something wild and do your yoga poses outside, no matter at a city park, a mountain top, or beachside, you may find it more soothing than doing them indoors. Listen to some soft music while doing yoga can greatly help you feel calmer and eliminate stress from your life.

Take Some Photos

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There are numerous pretty sights in the Summer. You can also try to take pictures of nature and do a photography challenge. Find a good place and get ready to stumble upon greenery during most times of the year. You can always share your interesting pictures on social media if you want, so that others may find a little joy in them too.

Go Paddling

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As the weather warms up, paddling in the summer is a perfect way to get some fresh air, seeing wildlife, experience the change of the seasons, and enjoy the natural beauty. There's no reason to avoid local lakes or rivers during this time and matter. Head out on the water, maybe take a mini speaker with you if you want to play some music along the river. Enjoy the best place to practise social distancing.

Making Art with Nature

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Nature is now blossoming and healing in the absence of human intervention. Isn't it a great chance for us to create gorgeous works of art out of it, especially for those who get bored with exercise. You don't have to be good at drawing, there are lots of ways to do art. Just pick up some leaves, rocks, flowers, and create your own "painting" without paint.

If you are a music person and want to stay entertained wherever you are, the kind of Bluetooth and portable speakers are all you need to take with you. Since we are still in a pandemic, you may not be able to do everything the same way you did last summer, you can still have a lot of outdoor fun to stay positive. Just remember, you will still need to practise social distancing even outside. Focus first on safety, and the fun will follow.