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Mother's Day Activities

Mother’s Day is almost here, and you might be running out of time not sure what to give your mom after all she’s done to give you. Worry no longer as we have put together a list of things you can do with your mom to show her you care and love her. We also have a list of products on sale that you or your mom can enjoy.

Facetime Your Mom

Facetime with Mom

One of the simplest things you can do is give your mother a call. Now with the internet, you can do more than give her your voice. You can give her a video call using one of the many smart devices on the market today. Whether you have an Apple device, Amazon Echo, or Facebook Portal. If you still prefer to use programs like Skype or Discord for video calling, then using our headsets is a great way to keep in contact obtaining both fantastic call quality and over sound quality.

Virtual Yoga Session

Yoga session

Many gyms have resorted to online sessions for their members who still have their gym memberships. Why not take inspiration from this and make your own yoga session with your mom? This is a great opportunity for you to spend time with your mother while also sneaking in an at home workout.

Wearing a headset while doing this may be awkward but you can use our TWS earbuds allows for full hand movement without worrying about a bulky headset falling off your head as you maintain your poses.

Spa at home

Spa at home

Perhaps after the yoga session you can spend the rest of the day as a spa day at home. Get some bath salts, scented candles and relaxing music and spend the day getting refreshed with mom. You can do this via video conferencing and play music using one of our portable speakers. We have all types of portable speakers including water resistant speakers so you don’t have to worry about the speaker getting wet from the bath.

Cook together

Cook with mom

Nothing brings people together more than food. If you live at home, you can make a bed and breakfast for your mother. Wake up before everyone and start making coffee, fry up some bacon, crack a few eggs or cook some other traditional breakfast food. Perhaps your mom prefers pancakes or waffles instead!

If you aren’t living at home you can always set some time aside and cook dinner together. One thing to try is to cook the same recipe and see who made it better. You can even set up a portable speaker and have a playlist rotate through you and your mother’s favourite songs and even do a sing-along. Music and food go incredibly well together.

Set up a back-yard picnic

Back-yard picnic

Speaking of music and food going well together, a back-yard picnic might also be just as fun. As the weather begins to warm up, you might want to take advantage of going outside. If the weather permits it, why not have a back-yard picnic with your family? If you live at home, you can break out the patio chairs and tables, uncover the barbecue and get grilling. If you are video calling, why not take that dinner you made with each other and move the video call outside. This way you can both enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company. Again, a portable speaker would fit very well here as it can serve the music while you eat.