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Is it necessary to purchase a headphone amplifier? Only if you're an audiophile

So you have gone out and purchased high-end headphones, but they just aren’t living to the standard of “loud” you were expecting. This doesn’t mean the headphones aren’t good, it just means they need some power. 

You can look into headphone amplifiers. They are a miniature version of an amp designed specifically to power small drivers like those found in headphones. Computer, phone, tablets and anything you would plug your headphone into are already built with an amplifier. However, that sometimes isn’t enough. Headphone amps are most commonly used in music studios and in audiophile markets. 

Headphones are built with amps but they do not provide a full blast of sound. Even if you buy expensive headphones you will still need an external amp to get the full quality sound from your music. The amp boosts the sound volume, which is beneficial for powerful headphones that would not be used to their full potential by just plugin them into a regular headphone jack. Another beneficial part to an external amp is that they often come with features such as bass boost and equalizer function. This benefits how loud and clear your music will sound. 

Audiophile headphones can be a great purchase, but this doesn’t mean you have to break your piggy bank to get great sound. Edifier offers great Hi-Fi audiophile headphones for all your listening needs. Designed as stereo headphones (meaning each side plays different sound), Edifier headphones are ideal for audiophiles. You don’t have to clear the bank to have great quality sound.