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Edifier Speaker Setup Roundup Blog 3

This month we are celebrating computer setups and a vinyl turntable setup. The computer setups emphasize minimalism and cable control. Just a reminder, we do a monthly roundup showing our favourite setups. It can be for a music room, home movie theatre, or a great gaming setup. Just tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you'll have a chance to be given a shoutout on both our social media accounts and in our monthly roundup.

S880DB Computer Speaker Setup -

Instagram -

This computer setup is a computer enthusiast’s dream. The lack of messy cables is what everyone wants to achieve. This setup uses the S880DB is the set of bookshelf speakers. The colour tone of the speakers complements the walls of the room along with the table they sit on. The cherry on top of this setup is the wallpaper on the computer matching the art hanged on the wall. The fact that it is the only colour in this setup aside from the wood accents really makes the setup come together as a minimalist setup.

Joxelvii Computer Desktop Speakers

Instagram - Joxelvii

A content creator’s ideal setup. Here we have a classic dual monitor setup with the microphone neatly tucked to the side on a boom arm. This makes it easier to move the microphone into the perfect position for the content creator to speak into. Once they are done you can move it back into position for some off the camera work or fun. Speaking of fun, Joxelvii’s position of Edifier’s speakers are set in the perfect position. Located off the desk for more desk room while having the speakers angled to reach each ear independently.

Edifier Bookshelf Speakers with Turntable - theeldubya

Instagram - theeldubya

As fans of vinyl, we needed to include a vinyl setup. This is a simple vinyl setup with bookshelf speakers on both sides of the turntable. The R1280T has always been the perfect set of speakers for turntables. The reason we chose this one this month is because this person includes the album set right in the middle allowing listeners to enjoy the artwork. We hope to see your photos on our February 2021 roundup next month.