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Edifier Speaker Setups

We have spent all year scouring social media looking at in amazement of how our Edifans used their Edifier speakers and needed to put together a blog post on our website celebrating the beauty of our customers.

With the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launching this week we want to see what your Edifier Entertainment Centre looks like. You can tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we will share the images or videos we love.

Daily Setup Tech

Kicking off our Edifier setup blog we have Daily Setup Tech that took amazing pictures and published them on Instagram and . You can find Shengran Qiu

Other pieces of equipment found in his photos are the following

  1. LG 27QN880

  2. S350DB

  3. Lifx TILES and Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip (Lifx are discontinued)

  4. Cable Management Clips

  5. IKEA Karlby Walnut with Autonomous Smart Desk 2 Legs

  6. Available at IKEA and

  7. Antec DF600 FLUX PC Case

  8. Grovemade Desk Shelf, and Mousepad

  9. Flyte Levitating Plant

Daily Setup Tech


Maybe you like a little coffee with your music. If so, 180GramCoffee has the perfect inspiration for you. While the right speaker may be covered by their cold press coffee maker we are just impressed with the blending of our favourite drink and our R1280T.  You can follow 180GramCoffee on Instagram for more coffee and music images.



We love the punk rock look of this photo. Everything in the photo screams out smash the establishment. The table looks like it is custom made specifically for the turntable/speaker setup. If you want to get more attitude in your Insta-feed you can follow them here

Zamar Massey Turntable Setup


Next up we have an Edifan from Twitter that shared her home office and we have to say we love the setup. The asymmetry may not be ideal for the audiophile but as an interior design it works. We are also extremely impressed she was able to fit the S2000mkIII on her bookshelf. Her Twitter account is @Stephatto

Work at home speaker setup