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February 2021 Edifier Speaker Setup Roundup

The month of February we receive many images for our monthly roundup and it was a difficult challenge to choose which setups we loved the most. We thank everyone for entering our setup war and here are the three we loved the most. If you want to enter for a shout out, tag us in your post and we will consider you for our monthly roundup.

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fknhammahstix instagram

This image comes from fknhammahstix from Instagram. We are a big fan of Star Wars here in our office so we extremely enjoyed this sith theme. You can see the Edifier speakers that are above the lower monitors peering over them and aiming down. Just like how a star destroyer descends upon its prey.

Jordan Pulmano Instagram image

This next image comes from Jordan Pulmano from Instagram. We are a fan of this very clean brightly lit desk. We get a sense of calm whenever we see this image.

jonnyhill bts Instagram

Everyone attend your battlestations! This is what we think of when we see this photo by Jonny Hill BTS. Whether you are gaming or being productive this convertible standing desk setup is something we admire.

R1280DB FerlanandStuff Twitter

Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have and that's what Ferlan Lebrado just did. Not everyone can have a desktop setup and get by with a portable laptop.