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The Best Bluetooth Wireless and Wired Earphones for Working Out 2019

We know you need your playlist when it’s time to start your workout and Edifier has just the right earphones for you so you can focus on your workout and keep your concentration where it belongs. Whether you are doing cardio or hitting the weights, here is a list of Edifier Bluetooth earphones that will be your next gym partner. We also have a clear winner for those that prefer a wired headphone jack over wireless.

For all around intense workouts: W296BT – Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Earphones

W296BT Workout Earphones

The W296BT are our highest recommended wireless Bluetooth earphones. They offer a deep bass that is ideal for bass lovers and those listening to high BPM while working out to keep their BPM racing. The noise isolation that in-ear earphones are great for delivering the bass directly to your eardrum. These earphones come designed with earhooks that wraps around your ear making sure the earphones stay in not missing a single beat of your workout. While not entirely swimproof, the W296BT earphones do have a IPX5 rating making them sweatproof and rain resistant so even your most intense workouts won’t damage them. If you need to switch between tracks or put your workout on pause, easily do so straight from the earphones itself with the in-line controls. The W296BT were made for workouts in mind. Get yours with a retail price of $49.99 Click here to go to product page

Made for runners: W200BT SE – Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


Are you more of a casual runner? Then the W200BT SE is for you. These are extremely lightweight that go around the back of your neck made with runners in mind. With both Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm cVc Technology you’ll receive the clearest sound quality and an incredibly low latency between the earphones and your audio device. What makes these stand above the rest is that these are our first earphones compatible with the Edifier Connect App from Edifier. Change your EQ settings from the app and pick from pop, rock, and classical modes for whatever suits your genre of choice. The addition of IPX5 makes it so that these are sweatproof for a moderate workout. You will not find a better set Bluetooth earphones for the retail price of $23.99

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Built for travel – TWS2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

TWS2 Earbuds

Want to lose the wires? Edifier’s TWS2 are perfect for the athlete on the go. True wireless earphones have the advantage of being extremely portable. Place the earbuds in your charging case and place them into your gym bag and you will never have to deal with tangled wires again. The TWS2 also allows for mono and stereo audio. If you need to keep an ear out for your surroundings, get both left and right channels in one earbud. Achieve quality, comfort, and portability for a retail price of $49.99

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Staying connected: P281 – Wired Earphones

P281 Wired Earphones

The P281 earphones from Edifier are made for those that prefer the wired connection. Equipped with a headphone jack, the P281 is made for all types of work outs. The IP57 rating means that these earphones are made for water. They can be fully submerged in water up to 3-feet meaning you can use these for swimming and showering. The P281 earphones have a flexible earhook made to wrap around your ear. The flexibility means that you can shape the ear hook to fit your ear no matter the shape. The included pouch makes it easy to carry from your home to your gym. retail price of $16.99

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