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The Best Bookshelf Speakers for Turntables

As a music format, vinyl has seen a remarkable resurgence over the last decade. For some, vinyl is nostalgic and transports you back to an earlier, simpler time. Others see vinyl as the ultimate analog antidote in a world where music is being streamed and consumed in compressed formats. Minimalists, another growing group, are drawn to the simplicity of a turntable as the foundation for their audio system—no playlists, no shuffle mode, just a focus on music enjoyment.

Maybe you have an audio system that feels like a Frankenstein-like assembly of mismatched parts, or maybe the built-in speakers included with your all-in-one turntable leave you wanting more. Whether you’ve just purchased your first turntable or have decided to dust off the one that’s been sitting in your parents’ basement, there are a few popular ways to set up audio systems to enjoy vinyl records. Here are some things to consider as you join (or re-join) the vinyl revolution.

Why We Recommend Bookshelf Speakers

If you’re looking for immersive, detailed sound but have limited space in your room, the right set of bookshelf speakers will provide great performance for your turntable. Bookshelf speakers with a small footprint make the goal of optimal speaker placement easy—and this becomes even easier when you choose wireless speakers.


Active vs Passive Speakers

Active speakers, sometimes referred to as powered bookshelf speakers, are designed with a dedicated, integrated amplifier that drives the speakers to produce sound. Using powered bookshelf speakers is the easiest way to get a turntable quickly connected and playing music.

Passive speakers, by contrast, have no built-in power, and require an external receiver or amplifier in order to produce audio. If you’re the ultimate audiophile, you might find this option to be attractive, since you can regularly experiment with different combinations of amplifiers and speakers. But, most people will find that high-quality active speakers provide impressive performance and are significantly easier to set up compared to their passive counterparts. Passive speakers are also, by their very nature, wired, since they need to be physically connected to an amplifier.

Experience the True Sound of Your Vinyl with Digital Bookshelf Speakers

If your turntable speakers are built-in, there’s a good chance that you’re not hearing your vinyl records as they were intended. Most built-in turntable speakers offer a limited dynamic range and frequency response—the result is a thin, squashed sound that’s simply not all that enjoyable.

The Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speakers are perfect for use with turntables since they offer true hi-fi quality sound in a compact package. They measure just 8” x 13.5” x 10.5” with a frequency response of 48 Hz to 20 kHz so you’ll hear deep, rich bass and exceptional clarity with smooth mids and highs. The S1000DB digital bookshelf speakers are packed with advanced audio technology and a variety of input options (including Bluetooth) so you’ll be able to quickly and easily start enjoying your vinyl collection.

Even discerning audiophiles will be impressed with the detailed response and full sound that these hi-fi speakers produce. While they make for a great first upgrade to your turntable-centric audio system, the S1000DB bookshelf speakers have additional inputs for connecting common audio sources like a home theatre system, computer, and more.

A Hi-Res Audio Experience for Vintage, Current, and Future Media

If you’re new to the audiophile scene or are already a pro and have decided it’s time to upgrade your older component system, it’s important to know that not all digital bookshelf speaker systems are the same. Fans of vinyl often speak about how the analog medium produces warm low-end along with smooth, silky highs and usually draw a sharp contrast to digital mediums like CDs and modern streaming services. Ordinary bookshelf speakers can often fail to capture the nuances and analog vibe that turntables offer.


Certain turntable speakers, like the wireless Edifier S3000Pro bookshelf speakers, offer the best of analog and digital audio in one Hi-Res Certified home audio system. With a class-leading frequency response of 38 Hz to 40 kHz and 6.5” woofers, you’ll experience rich, deep bass and crisp, clear highs that will change the way you listen to vinyl. Minimalist audiophiles and vinyl fans will appreciate the wireless left and right speaker setup for a clean, tangle-free décor.

The S3000Pro bookshelf speakers will undoubtedly take your turntable experience to a whole new level, but with a host of advanced features and next-generation technology, you’ll also be able to hear the latest in digital audio performance like higher bit depths and sample rates up to 192 kHz. The S3000Pro will immediately become the best Bluetooth speakers you’ve ever heard for your iPhone or Android mobile device. By including Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX, the S3000Pro digital bookshelf speakers provide your mobile device with improved battery life and up to four times the range for a more reliable wireless audio experience. Other available connections include USB, optical, coax, XLR and RCA/aux inputs.

Two Great Choices for Turntable Speakers

Regardless of whether you want more than what your turntable’s built-in speakers can provide, are upgrading bookshelf speakers you already own, or are simply looking to declutter and revel in the culture of minimalism, Edifier bookshelf speakers are great companions for the enjoyment of vinyl records.

The Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speakers are a great, no-nonsense upgrade for people with limited space who want to experience hi-fi audio quality at home and join the ranks of audiophiles around the world. For anyone who wants the most immersive sound and the latest wireless technology, the Edifier S3000Pro will redefine your home audio experience thanks to its certified Hi-Res performance. With its ability to reveal nuances in vinyl, bring video games to life, and stream the latest single from Spotify—what record will you play first?