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The Best Speakers and Headphones for a Holiday Gift Guide

Are you short of ideas on the best holiday gift you can buy? Thinking of a gift that is both unique and something they will use for that special person this holiday season? You will want to check out our curated list of products that will guarantee a smile on the face of the recipient.

Many people love listening to music and podcasts, as well as, watch movies or tv shows with clarity and the idaea of speakers and headphones as a holiday gift is simply perfect. This will stick with them well beyond the holidays and will be used incredibly often. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best speakers and headphones you can give as holiday gifts in this guide.

We will highlight a range of products that will fit your budget, while, also supplying a high-quality audio experience.

Without much ado let’s get to them, the 6 best speaker and headphone holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Edifier S3000Pro

Edifier S3000PRO

For the audiophile in your life, the Edifier S3000PRO speaker is the perfect holiday gift for anyone looking to improve their audio quality for their living room, game room or movie room. It is a speaker that stands out for its exceptional and wireless connectivity. 

Some of the features that make it a special holiday gift includes the following:

Wireless left and right speaker setup and wireless remote control

Without sacrificing sound quality, the Edifier S3000PRO has wireless connectivity between the left and right speaker. This makes it quite easy for you to set it up in your living room. The lack of wires also lends to the aesthetic of the speakers making a clean setup attractive to anyone who hates clutter.

With the wireless remote control, you can tune the speaker’s volume level from anywhere in the room. The remote also gives room for a lot of sound control options. This means you have control over the EQ settings from the comfort of your sofa. With this gift, you are really in for a fun holiday.

HiRes certified Audio

Another feature that makes Edifier S3000PRO stand out as a great speaker for a perfect holiday gift is its high-resolution audio. If plugged into a TV or computer via USB, the speakers will play audio at a sample rate of 96kHz or higher. To learn more about hi-res audio, we have an article you can read here.

The frequency range of the Edifier S3000PRO is between 38hz to 40khz. Covering both the high ends of treble and the low ends of bass. Hence, it is perfect for that song or that movie that has very deep bass and high treble, making sure you feel all the emotions and sounds of the audio you are listening to. 

Bluetooth V5.0 with Qualcomm® aptX™ HD decoding

If you are all about the Bluetooth connectivity, then you have nothing to worry about. The speaker has versatile connectivity using Bluetooth V5.0 which offers variable ranges as well as sound qualities. With its flexible connectivity be rest assured that you have multiple listening options for the device. Now, this is one of its standout features as a worthy holiday gift.

With most smartphones being Bluetooth enabled, you have the option of playing the audio from your smartphone. Regardless of the phone, the quality of audio from the speaker would not be affected. If you are looking to host a party with a group of your friends over the holiday period, then half of your problems have been solved with the Edifier S3000PRO.

6.5" Aluminum alloy diaphragm bass unit

What is a speaker without a good bass unit? The 6.5” aluminum alloy bass unit helps the Edifier S3000PRO provide some of the best sounds. At maximum volume, expect undistorted audio that can keep the room vibrating, just the way a great bass unit should be.

All these features make Edifier S3000PRO a quality product and most importantly, a suitable holiday gift. 

Edifier R1280T

Edifier R1280T

The Ideal Introductory Powered Speaker

The R1280T bookshelf speakers were made as an introductory set of powered speakers. This makes them useful in about any application you can think of. By having the amplifier built-into the speaker you can connect these speakers to any TV, computer, laptop, tablet, or turntable by way of an RCA or AUX cables that are included. You are looking at a total of 42 Watts RMS output, meaning that each speaker cabinet is capable of 21 Watts RMS on its own.

Dual Simultaneous Inputs

The dual RCA inputs allow for multiple sound sources to be connected and played simultaneously. This is incredibly useful for applications like connecting a voice assistant and a computer at the same time.

Adjustable bass and treble

Located on the side of the speaker are bass and treble knobs enabling you to set your audio to way you like it. Don’t need so much bass? Turn it down and the treble up. Need more bass? Crank the bass knob all the way up.   

Old School Feel with New Age Sound

The R1280T are a set of bookshelf speakers made to have an old school look. Along with the wood veneer come with a gray cloth grille adding to the old school feel. The grilles are removable so you can see Edifier’s technology at work. Each speaker features a 4-inch woofer and a 13mm silk dome tweeter, as well as, a bass reflex port to enhance the bass sound.

Best on a budget

For under $100, the Edifier R1280T's audio quality is impressive. If you are shopping on a budget, speakers rarely sound this good and deliver this much power. The R1280T is our hottest item desired by all types of people all over the world.

Edifier TWS1

TWS1 Image 2

The perfect travel companions

For the person on the go, the TWS1 are the perfect earbuds. Small and compact the TWS1 will fit in any bag, purse or pocket without being bulky. Useful for travelling to the gym, work, or home the compact travelling charger case makes sure your earphones are fully charged wherever you go. The earbuds themselves have a total of 8 hours while the charge case holds a total of 24 hours.

Earbuds with full functionality

For those that prefer using only one ear you can now get both the left and right channels filled into one ear for mono sound. Each earbud has touch controls allowing you to control playback from either ear.

IPX5 splash and sweat proof

The TWS1 is rated an IPX5 meaning that you can use these in the shower, at the gym or if you get caught outside in the rain. So, when you are sweating up a storm during your workout, the TWS1 won’t short out.

Edifier TWS5


A more sophisticated kind of bud

The TWS1 is great travel companion for the everyday person but if you want to show off your flair the TWS5 is our top of the line true wireless ear buds. Boasting a total play time of 8 hours per charge you will keep these ear buds going throughout your workday without ever needing to recharge. The charging case itself holds up to 24 hours when you have those late nights at the office.

IPX5 splash and sweat proof

After a long day the office, you need to keep in shape and the TWS5 can help you there as well. Without unplugging from your music, the TWS5 is a sweat and splash proof set of earphones that you can use during your intense workouts. The TWS5’s IPX5 splash proof shell protects against sweat, rain, and even resist showers. The touch controls on each earbud offers easy access to a variety of functions, so you don’t need to keep picking up your phone during your workout. Change songs, pause playback and even answer calls all with a tap of your finger.

Advanced technology in a small package

With the jump to True Wireless Stereo Plus, Bluetooth 5.0, and aptX, listeners get an audio experience they can’t get anywhere else. The TWS5 is made to impress from the first song on your playlist to the last. The auto-connect feature ensures hassle-free connection to your phone when taking the ear buds out of their case after the initial connection. The auto-on and auto-off features are handy as well. When you are done, simply place them in the case and the ear buds will turn off and charge.

Edifier H850

Edifier H850

Ergonomic design supplies extreme comfort

If you are still a believer in wired audio, you are in luck with Edifier as we have our popular wired audio solutions for you this season. The Edifier H850 are both exceptionally light and comfortable when using them for an extended period of time. Budget audiophiles rejoice with the H850 headphones.

Edifier H180


The classic earbud for a classy listener

Edifier’s H180 earbud is our most popular set of earphones. Why is that? It’s simple, the H180 is a classic earbud that sets it apart from the trends that headphone and earphone manufactures rely on selling their products. These are the perfect gift for stocking stuffers because of their size and cost. You will not regret getting a set of these earphones as a gift.