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Virtual Dating Activities

There may be circumstances where you can’t spend a lot of time with your love of life together due many varying factors. Whether you are in the long-distance relationship or are on different schedules there are still ways to spend time together. We recommend using either Skype or Discord to video call each other if you are using a computer. If you both have an iPhone or Android phone you can use FaceTime or Google Duos to accomplish the same thing. We have come up with a few suggestions that takes advantage of having a solid internet connection and reliable Edifier products like our headsets.

Virtual Museums

Virtual Museums

If you are itching to get a bit of culture and exploration in your life you and your loved one can join a call and take a virtual museum tour. The British Museum has a fantastic virtual tour that spans centuries of art and tools from around the globe dating back to 2,000,000 BC.

Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacations

Go on a virtual vacation! Were you planning on going on a vacation but didn’t have either the time or money to do so? Call up your significant other and start browsing vacation hot spots as they livestream. Always wanted to go to Tokyo? Load up a livestream straight from Tokyo and experience Japan at night. EarthCam has thousands of camera that stream 24 hours a day across the globe.

Virtual dinner and a movie

Virtual Dinner and Movie Dates

Just because you aren’t next to each other doesn’t mean you can’t still have a dinner and movie night. Load up your video call app of choice and either cook the same food as each other or both order food online from the same restaurant or fast food place. You can still talk to each other about what you should order and compliment the food or dish about what you didn’t like.  Then you can load up a movie and press play at the same time and accompany each other during the movie. If you don’t know what to watch, we have a list of movies available on streaming now.

Virtual Dating

Virtual Reality Dates

If you can’t be next to each other in a real setting, then the next best thing would be together in a virtual setting. Virtual reality headsets from companies like Oculus, PlayStation or Valve make it easier than ever to enjoy virtual reality.  Visit thousands of places both fictional and realistic right next to your significant other while maintaining a long distance relationship.