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MS50A Classic Wi-Fi Speaker


MS50A Classic Wi-Fi Speaker

  • Probably the best sounding Wi-Fi speaker created, ever.
  • Great speakers learn no tricks. Enjoy studio quality Wi-Fi streaming with MS50A, a smart speaker without a microphone ensuring your privacy.

Smart Touch Control

Simply move your fingertips on touch command on top of the speaker to adjust the volume and switch songs

Works with Alexa

Use Alexa App or Amazon Echo devices to control the audio playback through your favorite music Apps.

Multi-Room Music

Pair two or more MS50A speakers to create a group by using Alexa's multi-room system feature. Play music on multiple speakers simultaneously

Microphone Free

No built-in microphone helps protect your privacy.

High-quality Sound

Equipped with AP6265 chip, AMP, and DSP technology to build powerful tweeter and woofer without distortion.

Wireless Stereo Setup

Bring back the highly praised Edifier stereo sound stage by pairing two MS50A speakers with the Edifier Home App.

You can enjoy every bit of the bookshelf speaker setup, without the hassle of wires.


Access cloud based music streaming services
like Amazon Music, Spotify, and more.



Stay connected with your music from your phone,
PC and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

AirPlay 2

Play directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Like your music playing on multiple speakers? Simply tap each Edifier Wi-Fi speaker to enable them and set the volume to your liking.

User-friendly Control

The function buttons on the top of the speaker are quite easy to reach. They are made of environmentally friendly and odorless silicone; and the specially designed button feels light and comfortable when pressed.

Reliable Large Capacity Battery

The battery pack inside is composed of two 2600mAh lithium-ion batteries to provide sufficient energy for the speaker. The music can be continuously played for 7 hours* in daily use, and the power management system with overvoltage protection provides a guarantee for safe use.

*The playback time is related to the temperature, songs, and volume. The data listed is collected in the laboratory tests.


  • MS50A
  • Version 5.0
Frequency Response
  • 52Hz - 18KHz
  • >= 85dB(A)
Power Output
  • Mid-base(25W) + treble(15W)
Product Size
  • 5.73 x 5.73 x 8.32 inches
  • 2.4GHz / 5GHz
Product Weight
  • 4.98 lbs
  • 19mm silk dome
  • 4-inch(102mm) wool diaphragm