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Comfortable fit. Powerful sound.

  • Inline mic/remote for simple music and call control
  • 15-degree tilt creates direct sound
  • Choose for a selection of colors

Select colour:

Earphones With A Great Sound

Experience exceptional sound quality with the P210 In-ear headphones. Designed with a black copper clad aluminum voice coil for enhanced sound quality. High-performance magnet drivers strengthens the low-frequency of your music. The P210 In-ear headphones deliver a warm and lovely bass that any audiophile will enjoy. These P210 inline microphone headphones pass all three audiophile requirements. Edifier has high standards that are exemplified in the P210 earphones; great volume, sound clarity and modern design.

Chic color selection

Choose the color that best suits your personality. The P210 In-ear headphones come in white, black, blue and red to match your unique style. These P210 earphones are fashionable with a unique glossy design allowing any audiophile to customize their look. The diversity of modern style that the P210 earphone represents is appealing for anyone seeking function and style. You will look progressive in your fashion no matter the color. Designed with an oval ear tip to naturally fit the contours of your ear, you will be able to wear them all day long and feel comfortable doing it.

Purposefully designed

A 15-degree tilt on these in-ear headphones reduces stethoscope effect. You wont hear your heartbeat from having your headphones in.

Easily answer calls

With a click of a button, on your inline mic/remote, you can answer calls or play and pause music. Control your listening experience with ease and comfort.