Edifier C3 2.1 Speaker System Bookshelf with subwoofer


Wooden 2.1 speaker with external amplifier.

  • Wireless remote features volume, bass, treble trimmer, and input selection options
  • Independent amplifier with digital volume and equalizer controls for extravagant sound
  • 2.1 multimedia speaker with 3.5 mm Auxiliary and RCA input


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The C2 established a new standard for high-end speakers with an independent power amplifier. With the launch of the C3, Edifier aims to make the C2 experience even better. Enjoy beautiful sound quality and an empowering listening experience. The new user friendly C3 is not just a simple multimedia speaker, but a full-fledged home entertainment center. The C3 adopts Edifier’s patented EIDC intelligent distortion control system (patent #: ZL200520018567.8) from the C2 and improves on it. This system will effectively protect the speakers from popping at extreme volumes. Think of it like an invisible friend, quietly looking after your speakers and your ears.

The C3 adopts an external power amplifier design and a tall, dignified shape to improve handling. Its metal shell allows for better heat dissipation, and its solid, refined construction further protects the device and reduces clutter in your listening space. The external amplifier can also be placed horizontally at the user’s discretion. The C3’s front panel is made of semi-transparent mirror material with a digital LED indicator hidden behind it. Its simple, elegant style allows it to stand out against similar devices that utilize an electronic dial. The front panel also offers a standard headphone jack, and the speakers will automatically mute themselves when headphones are plugged in. An AUX input allows you to connect small portable devices, and PC and CD inputs are also available on the back of the external amplifier. You can freely switch between any of the available sources at any time.

The C3’s design features a large knob that allows for precision control when making adjustments. Its fine-tuning processing technology also gives it a pleasing appearance and tactile feel, while an energized orange glare aperture illuminates around it to add to its aesthetic appeal. You will feel some subtle feedback as you rotate the knob, making it easier to determine the exact setting you’re looking for.

The C3’s satellite box is a classic among classics. Made of high quality MDF with a silk film tweeter and a 3.5-inch midrange unit, the C3 has gone through a rigorous acoustic design and approval process, and is the result of countless hours of passionate engineering. Its closed acoustic structure ensures that sound from the satellite box comes out crystal clear. Along with traditional placements, hanging holes at the back of the box allow you to hang it from both sides of an LCD TV.

The C3 is equipped with a powerful 8-inch subwoofer. Its inverted phase tube design in the lower speaker utilizes patented surface diffusion technology to minimize ambient noise.

The long-stroke woofer offers exceptional low-frequency sound, and with the power of the external amplifier, you can count on the C3 pumping out the kind of heart thumping bass that drives the neighbours crazy.


  • C3
  • 功率放大器输出功率:
  • 卫星箱通道:RMS 8W×2(THD+N=10%,f=1kHz)
  • 低音通道:RMS 30W(THD+N=10%,f=80Hz)
  • 功率放大器信噪比:>=85dBA
  • 失真度(%):≤0.5
  • 调节形式:功放前面板旋钮调节、遥控调节
  • 低音单元:8英寸(外径210mm)、4Ω
  • 中音单元:3.5英寸(外径92mm)、4Ω
  • 高音单元:直径13mm丝膜高音、4Ω
  • 变压器输出功率:60W(20V×3A)
  • 低音箱箱体尺寸: 268(宽W)×330(高H)×309(深D)mm
  • 卫星箱箱体尺寸:116(宽W)×203(高H)×160(深D)mm
  • 重 量:约16.6kg