Edifier R1900TV Fully Featured Bass Driven Bookshelf Speaker


Enjoy the full potential of bass driven music.

  • Class D-amplifier with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for high-quality sound
  • 5.25-inch aluminum cone subwoofer in each speaker for clear sound
  • Multiple audio sources from dual RCA input


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The R1900TV offers an elegant classic design with rich wood paneling and a dark front panel for a mix of old world and modern sensibilities that combine to form a timeless look. Perfectly suited to complement any room for any occasion.

Hawkeye silk crepe dome tweeter

The R1900TV uses Edifier’s cutting-edge 25mm specially-coated silk enamel dome tweeter. Its design features “Eagle Eye” technology and a high-efficiency NdFeB magnet for clear, transparent treble.

Elevated trapezoidal box w/ piano lacquer

Its irregular trapezoidal box structure reduces standing wave interference, allowing for a more pure sound. Its bold, elegant appearance allows it to perfectly integrate with any part of your home and become a seamless feature of its decor. Its unique, slightly elevated design also greatly reduces sound interference and allows for more natural-sounding audio. The walnut wood veneer side paneling compliments its black cabinet frame for a style that is classic meets contemporary.

High-strength aluminum basin woofer offers dynamic performance and a natural sound

The 1900TV's 5.25” mid-woofer unit uses Edifier’s latest high-strength, low-distortion aluminum cone, and takes advantage of DSP's all-digital electronic crossover. It also leverages the precision analysis of the German KLIPPEL system for its metal basin to avoid unnatural, metallic-sounding audio.

Wireless remote control, seamless sound mode switching

The R1900TV comes with a compact wireless remote control that allows for convenient volume adjustment, muting and source switching on the fly. It offers two switches for sound mode and can be easily converted between fever (flat frequency response) and dynamic (for low frequency response) to adapt to your unique listening needs.


  • R1900tv
  • 功率放大器功率:24W×2(高音)+36W×2(低音)
  • 信噪比:≥85dBA
  • 失真度:≤0.5%
  • 系统频率响应范围:55Hz-20KHz(±6db)
  • 通道分离度:≥45dB
  • 高音扬声器单元:Φ25丝膜球顶钕铁硼高音单元,6Ω
  • 低音扬声器单元:5.25英寸铝质音盆单元,4Ω
  • 音频输入接口:RCA双路线路输入
  • 调节形式后旋钮调节,遥控器调节
  • 箱体尺寸174mm×289mm×252mm(W×H×D)
  • 净重量9.48kg
  • connection cable 5M/16.4FT