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Hi-Res Certified Bookshelf Speakers

  • Select from 4 EQ Modes
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified
  • Titanium-laminate dome treble driver
  • Bass driver unit in 94mm
edifier S880DB

Full Options for Connection

The S880DB Edifier bookshelf speakers have a wide range of inputs including RCA, AUX, USB, optical, coaxial, and Bluetooth.

edifier speakers

Certified XMOS Processor

The XMOS processor makes connecting easier than with traditional cables.


Total power output
  • R/L(treble):12W+12W
    R/L(deep bass):32W+32W
Frequency response
  • 55Hz-40KHz
Input type
  • USB/Bluetooth/Optical

Input sensitivity
  • PC: 800±50mV
    AUX: 600±50mV
    COA/OPT: 400±50mV
    Bluetooth: 600±50mV
Noise Level
  • ≤25dB(A)