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Wired Noise Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones


Wired Noise Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones

  • Equipped with active noise cancellation technology
  • Switch between classroom mode / music mode / game mode
  • 40mm dynamic driver for more immersive audio experience
  • Crystal clear call quality with detachable uni-directional mic
  • User-friendly design for your comfortable fit
Women work with Edifier CC820NB headphone

In-depth Noise Cancellation
Quiet and Efficient Study

With ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology, the noise cancellation depth is up to 38dB, creating a quiet learning environment for efficient study.

Edifier CC820NB wired noise cancelling headphone


3 Advanced Modes

3 modes are designed for multiple purposes from work, study to leisure. All tasks and entertainments are easy to be realized.

Edifier CC820NB earphone voice coils disassembly drawing

Outstanding Sound Quality
Full of Vitality

With 40mm large drive units, and voice coils with Daikoku Wire, the CC820N boasts excellent dynamic and transient response, bringing exquisite sound performance to the full. A music feast for ears. Quick recovery from fatigue.

Edifier CC820NB headphone with Detachable Microphone

Detachable Microphone
Clear and Precise Voice Pick-up

Detachable MIC precisely eliminates background noise and clearly picks up human voice. Offers crystal clear speech and audio as face-to-face talk in online courses, voice and video calls.

*To ensure the best call quality, please put the MIC with green mark outward and the other side towards the mouth.

Man wearing Edifier CC820NB headphones in a meeting

Volume Limiting

Audio experience is well adjusted to ensure everyone hears the best details in safe levels for ears.

Women wearing Edifier CC820NB for a talking

Wired Connection
Fast and Convenient

The USB connection is enabled with smooth signal transmission and better sound quality. Plug and play, fast and convenient.

Edifier CC820NB Wired Noise Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones

Adjustable Headband
Lightweight and Comfortable

The adjustable headband is ergonomically designed based on human auricle data. Lightweight and freely retractable, comfort for all-day use.

Men wearing Edifier CC820NB play gaming

Soft Earmuffs
Perfect Fit and Comfort

The skin-friendly protein leather earmuffs are nicely and comfortably tugged around the ear to minimize ambient noise and distractions.

Horn Tweeter

The Edifier A3-8i trolley speaker has a professional stage-level compression horn tweeter. 

Removable Microphone

The microphone of the A3-8i trolley speaker is removable and you can put it on a speaker stand. The multiple mic input forms are anti-feedback designs.


Wired Noise Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones
  • USB-Type A
  • 32Ω
Frequency response
  • 20Hz-20khz
Output Sound Pressure Level
  • 91+/-3dB
Microphone Senitivity
  • -42dB+/-3dB