Edifier R1280T. Акустическая система 2.0. Описание. Характеристики. Фото. Купить с доставкой.


Высокие акустические стандарты в стильной и компактной форме

  • Удобный беспроводной пульт

  • 42 Вт хорошей музыки
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Acoustic sound very convincing. Bass is deep, with soft, warm sound. Moreover, it can be classified as universal as it easily handles the playback of tracks of various genres.

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These are the ideal companion speakers for any PC or laptop and they’re also great to look at. The build quality is excellent and considering the price, I would recommend these to anybody not yet willing to spend hundreds on high-end monitors.

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For $100, the Edifier R1280T's audio quality is impressive. Budget-friendly PC speakers rarely sound this good and deliver this much power.

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In case it wasn’t already obvious, this is a great set of speakers. If you’re not looking to spend a ton — or just have a smaller space you’re looking to fill — you can’t do much better than the R1280T.

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Reliable performance

If you’re looking for affordable and versatile bookshelf speakers with uncompromising sound, Studio 1280T is your go-to 2.0 speaker system.

Featuring a 4-inch bass driver and a calibrated, flared bass reflex port, this bookshelf speaker system delivers robust, rich bass notes that are full of presence and depth.

Precise control

Personalize your listening experience with the bass, treble and volume dials on the active speaker. A wireless remote control also offers volume adjustments and mute function.

Dual RCA input

Studio R1280T lets you connect to multiple audio devices using the dual RCA inputs. Using the dual RCA inputs, connect the R1280T speakers to any device with the RCA to auxiliary cable included. These speakers make a great companion to desktop computers, TVs, music players, laptops, and many more devices with a 3.5mm connector.

Audio sources

Техническая спецификация

  • R1280T
  • Total power output: 21W x 2
  • SNR: ≥85dBA
  • Input sensitivity: 750mV ± 50mV
  • Distortion: ≤0.05%
  • Subwoofer / bass unit: 4 inch (106mm), 6Ω
  • Tweeter unit: Φ13mm silk domed tweeter, 4Ω
  • Weight: 4.9Kg Net | 5.65Kg Gross
  • Dimension: 5.75in x 9.5in x 7in (WxHxD)
    146mm x 234mm x 196mm (WxHxD)