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Powered Bluetooth Speakers

  • Connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • Speaker wire only for connecting the speakers together
  • Built-in Amplifier eliminates need for amplifier/receiver

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These are a good investment that provides excellent sound for the price range. They sound superior than the typical low-cost computer speakers you get from the likes of Logitech and Creative. The wooden design is also much more attractive than these plastic alternatives.

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Its sound is warm, open and full-bodied, with enough power, volume and composure to put similarly priced portable Bluetooth speakers to shame.

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As with Edifier’s other bookshelf speakers, I preferred to listen to the R1010BT without covers to achieve slightly more clarity and resolution, all comments during this review will be with the covers removed running from a wireless connection unless otherwise stated.

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is Now Wireless,
along with other improvements.


To kick it up a notch, the classic R1010BT Bluetooth speakers re-introduces bookshelf speakers in a whole new way. What you get is the high-quality audio performance you’d never expect from such simple a compact design. Housed in 100% medium-density fiberboard (MDF), this R1010BT is the revisitation of another Edifier classic, the R1000TCN. Featuring 4” bass drivers and 3/4” silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers, the R1010BT Bluetooth bookshelf speaker is engineered to deliver commanding sound with subtlety and details.


Dual integrated line-in jacks for connection to other analog audio devices, saving you the trouble of plugging in and pulling out. The tone control encompasses bass and volume together with the dynamic treble enhancement on port A which is dedicated to catering to your playback preference. For a personalized listening experience, you’ll find the bass and volume adjustment dials at the back of this bookshelf speaker. The R1010BT Bluetooth bookshelf speakers also feature dual stereo line-in ports. Most of all, it is Bluetooth ready.

Sleek well-designed dome tweeters for smooth, articulate highs. Edifier delivers the experience you deserve.
Ceramic-paper cone drivers deliver powerful bass. A classic performance driven by Edifier’s leading technological savvy.

Look sleek in its classic wood grain finish with contrasting silver-colored panels, the R1010BT makes an elegant addition to any place.
15mm thick MDF (medium-density fiberboard) enclosures that damps out unwanted, extraneous energy and vibration.
Appealing rounded edges offer you the softened feel.

Many ways to connect


  • R1010BT
  • Total Power Output: R/L: 12W+12W
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dB(A)
  • Frequency response:70Hz-20KHz
  • Input sensitivity:Line in A: 700mV±50mV
    Line in B: 500mV±50mV
    Bluetooth: 400mV±50mFFS
  • Input type: RCA (x2)
  • Bass driver: 4 inch (106mm)
  • Treble driver:Φ13 mm
  • Dimenson:6in x 9.5in x7in (WxHxD)

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