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Studio-quality 2.0 speaker system with dual RCA input.

  • Suitable for desktops, laptops, TV, record players and much more
  • No need for amplifier or receiver just plug into source and play
  • Flared bass reflex port enhances overall bass sound


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The Edifier R980T 4″ Active Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0 Computer Speaker is one of the most powerful in terms of power output among all of the speakers made especially for computers. This could be attributed to the fact that the RMS rating is set at 24 watts.

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If you are looking for a decent upgrade of the sound of your laptop, PC or iPod, or a simple way to amplify the sound of your smartphone, then the Edifier R980T 4” Active Bookshelf Speakers are the way to go. Coming at a reasonable price and offering quality sound, this active bookshelf sized speaker system will really improve the way you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes while sitting on your desk.

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The R980T is a active 2.0 stereo speaker set with a total output of 24WRMS (12WRMS each) that features a frequency response of 70Hz-20KHz with a signal to noise ratio of 85dB and a distortion of roughly 0.5%. Each speaker is made out of MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood and contains a 13mm silk domed tweeter (4 Ohm sensitivity), 106mm subwoofer/bass driver (6 Ohm sensitivity) and a calibrated flared bass reflex port. In terms of connectivity the R980T features two RCA input options (4 ports in total) so it can be connected with two devices simultenously.

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Perfect Well-Rounded Speakers for All Needs

Compact in size, the R980T is an efficient bookshelf solution for desktops and small spaces. Producing a total 24 watts of sound (12W RMS each), the R980T are the perfect well-rounded stereo speaker. Each speaker contains a 4-inch bass driver and 13mm tweeter that clearly replicates enjoyable sound for listeners. The powered amplified bookshelf speakers conveniently connect to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Connect to two devices via AUX at the same time, no plugging and switching needed. Any audiophile’s desire to have a proper studio setup will be fulfilled with the R980T powered bookshelf speakers. The sound produced from Edifier’s R980T satisfies any detail oriented reviewer; its hailed for being vibrant and alive filling the room with rich sensations. These amplified bookshelf speakers exemplify the idea of big things coming in small packages.

Enhanced Bass and Wooden Accent

The R980T powered amplified bookshelf speakers offer a sound that is full of presence and depth. Designed for enhanced bass, the R980T bookshelf speaker system is calibrated with a flared bass reflex port. Resulting in rich detailed sound that will take your breath away. This flared bass reflex port is encased in a 100% medium-density fiberboard wooden enclosure. The wooden accent encompassing the full package of the R980T bookshelf speakers compliment both a home, studio and office setting. The classic wood finish enclosures are brilliantly designed to minimize acoustic resonance while simultaneously producing a clean finish any audiophile will enjoy.

Dual Inputs and Adjustable Bass

The R980T powered amplified bookshelf speakers can be connected to more than one audio device through the two RCA inputs. Connect to both your PC and Television or record player with the R980T stereo speakers. No need to switch inputs. Master volume and bass knobs easily adjust both the audio and bass levels. These knobs are located on the back of the active speaker, allowing for a tailored listening experience. Reviewers of the R980T are consistently impressed by the bass performance that these speakers produce and the modern feel of the classic design. The R980T allows for a unique aesthetic perfect for any home. The volume, bass and power switch on the back are easily accessible along with aux inputs; all working together to produce power at your fingertips.

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  • R980T
  • THD + N:10%
  • DISTORTION:≤0.5%
  • INPUT TYPE:Dual RCA input (RCA - RCA and RCA to AUX)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:70 HZ-20 kHz +/-9db
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY:PC: 700±50mV AUX: 550±50mV (THD + N=1%)
  • SUBWOOFER / BASS UNIT:4 inch (106mm), 6Ω
  • TWEETER UNIT:Φ13mm silk domed tweeter, 4Ω
  • DIMENSION:140(W) × 226(H)× 197(D)mm

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