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Unique Design

Each case is precisely assembled using 11 wooden boards, and undergoes 3 cycles of polishing, grinding, and spraying. All cabinets are hand-made by top carpenters.

High-resolution Digital Audio

Thanks to the flagship acoustic configuration, the resolution capability of the digital audio chip can achieve 24bit/192Khz. The G5000 gaming speakers have obtained Hi-Res standard certification, presenting richer game sound details and bringing an immersive gaming experience.

Sound Effects Modes

Through the precise dynamic management of the DSP chip, the G5000 has three sound effect modes, all carefully tuned by the Edifier Acoustics team to meet different usage scenarios.

Ingenius Design

Fusing the wooden speaker cabinet with the aluminum side panels, the designers also incorporated flagship acoustic configuration and RGB lighting technology to create a unique look.

Stylish RGB Lighting

Four 360° surround light strips are embedded in the body of these gaming speakers. 11 ambient lighting modes are available for you to choose from.


Bluetooth version


Audio decoding


Audio inputs

Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Optical, and Coaxial inputs

Noise level


Input sensitivity

AUX: 600±50mV Optical/Coaxial: 350±50mFFs Bluetooth/USB: 450±50mFFs

Signal-noise ratio



R/L 2*12W+2*32W

Frequency response


Can RGB lighting be controlled?

Yes. RGB lighting can be set according to different atmosphere demands. You can also switch off the lights if you don't need them.

Do I have to set the volume again every time I turn on the speakers?

No, you don't. G5000 gaming speakers have volume memory and light memory, that is, if you turn off the speakers by pressing the shutdown button, the volume and light mode you preferred would not change the next time you turn on the speakers.

How to control the volume of the gaming speakers?

Simply turn the switch on the wire to control the volume, and you can do the same for the light effects and sound effects.

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