Dolby Atmos Soundbar System

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Dolby Atmos Experience A New Realm of Home Music and Entertainment

Dolby Atmos (DOLBY ATMOS®) experience, Dolby Vision (DOLBY VISION®) video signal transmission. Immersive audio-visual experience, a brand new dimension of home entertainment.

Full Compatibility with Dolby Atmos Playback

Enjoy Dolby Atmos on your favorite streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+, or Blue-ray DVDs with Dolby Atmos.

Live Panoramic Experience Immersive Surround Sound

Amazing flowing sound effects that lingers around and above you. Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

5.1.2ch Speaker System Be Amazed, Be Enveloped

5.1.2ch surround sound with angled up-firing speakers, side beam surround speakers, front speakers and a powerful wireless subwoofer, presents the best Dolby Atmos experience to you.

Elevated Sound Experience Angled Up-Firing Speakers

Two high-quality full-range units, which creates a realistic and vivid top sound field in the height direction and feel the charm of panoramic sound of Dolby Atmos.

Large Diaphragm Rear Surround Speaker

To match the energy density required by the rear sound field, the rear surround design adopts a racetrack-type speaker, which increases the vibration area without increasing the height, provides more abundant sound pressure, and fully restores the sound effect of the rear sound field.

8-Inch Wireless Subwoofer

5.8GHz wireless connection technology, strong anti-interference ability. Free and flexible placement, no cables management needed.

Multiple Sound Modes for Various Scenarios

Exquisite Craftsmanship in
Sound and Style

The PVC veneer enclosure is matched with the metal grille, crafted to exhibit sense of technology. Design and details are polished to perfection.

Bluetooth V5.0 Stable Transmission

Bluetooth V5.0, anti-interference performance, strong and stable wireless transmission, easy to connect.

HDMI 2.1 Enjoy High Definition

Supports 4K HDR, HDR 10+, connect set-top box, TV box, Blu-ray DVD and other devices.High-definition output to flat-screen TVs, presenting realistic audio and video.

eARC Easy Connection to Smart TV

With eARC function, only one HDMI cable is needed to connect to the smart TV. Dolby Atmos signals are transmitted without compression. Free from cable fuss.

Rich Interface Fully Compatible

Supports AUX, Optical Fiber, Coaxial, HDMI and other interface methods, and connect different playback devices at the same time.

Small and Full-Featured Remote Control

Small remote control, switch on/off, volume, input switching, sound effect selection, mute, etc. in the palm of your hand.

Wall Mount or Horizontal Placement? You Make the Call

Standard wall-mounted bracket components,according to the different installation methods of the TV, wall-mounted or horizontal placement.


Total Output Power (RMS)

L/R/C: 15W+15W+15W
Ls/Rs: 15W+15W
Ltm/Rtm: 15W+15W
Subwoofer: 70W

Frequency Response

45Hz - 20kHz

Driver Units

3.5"(Mid-range) + 1"(Treble) + 8" (Bass)

Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 85dB (A)

Audio Inputs

AUX, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Optical Fiber

Bluetooth Version


Dimensions (W x H x D)

Soundbar: 850mm × 70mm × 120mm
Subwoofer: 250mm × 372mm × 300mm

Net Weight