Communicator Headphone

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Soft Earpads

The K550 communication headset rests comfortably on your ears. The soft earpads are incredibly lightweight.

Flexible Headband

The K550 is the ideal communication headset for computer users who want a simple solution to having both audio and a microphone. The headband is also easy to adjust for a perfect, comfortable fit

Adjustable Mic

The K550 headset can clearly project your voice on VoIP programs for business meetings and online courses. You can adjust the mic to the best angle for yourself. The headset also has an inline control for both volume and muting the headset.

Choose the Style You Want

The K550 headset is available in black, white, and red colors.


Cable Length



3.5mm/4 pole/straight



Frequency Response

20Hz - 20KHz


30mm dynamic driver

Do these adjust from side to side so they aren't so tight on the head?

Yes you can adjust them simply by bending out the Edifier headphones straight. The headband is made from flexible stainless steel which can be shaped the way you like.

The microphone on my earphones is not working

First, make sure all necessary input/output cables are properly connected and not damaged in any way. Then check the mic input and make sure there isn't any dirt blocking the opening. Barring that, check the phone you're connected to, and make sure it wasn't left on mute or low volume. If none of these actions help, then try turning your phone off and on. A quick reboot can often fix issues like this.

What do I use to clean my headphones/earphones?

While our headphones shouldn’t require any regular maintenance, you can use the following materials for cleaning: A dish with soap and warm water (detergent will work just fine) A soft cloth A toothbrush A small towel Wet the soft cloth in soap and water. Don't soak the cloth; instead, get it a little damp Gently wipe down the headphone pads with the damp cloth. For the more stubborn debris and residue, use a dry toothbrush to loosen it up and then wipe it down with the cloth. Afterwards, let it sit on the towel to air dry. Once it's dry, you can safely resume use.

My headphones don't feel like they fit properly

Our headphones come with markers indicating which earcup is left and right. Make sure these are oriented properly before putting them on.