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When charging the charging case, the indicator is off.

Please ensure the charging case is correctly connected with power source.

No sound.

1) Check if the earbuds are operating. 2) Check if the earbuds' volume is at an appropriate level. 3) Check if the earbuds are correctly connected to the mobile phone. 4) Check if the earbuds are operating within a normal working range.

The call quality of the earbuds are not good.

Check if the mobile phone is in an area with a strong signal. Please ensure the earbuds are within an effective distance (10m) and no obstacles between the earbuds and mobile phones.

When playing music, cannot control pause/play/next track via the earbuds.

Please ensure the paired device support AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) profile.

The tapping function is too sensitive or not sensitive.

Please ensure you are tapping within the effective area with moderate intensity or at an appropriate angle. You can also adjust to a desired tapping sensitivity through the EDIFIER CONNECT APP.

there is no sound from the other earbud when used again.

When one earbud alone is connected to another mobile phone, the interconnection between the left and right earbuds may have been disconnected. To restore the two earbuds mode, triple-click the button on the case to resume interconnection between the left and right earbuds. Then try again.

There is a delay problem when playing game.

Please triple-click the left earbud to switch to game mode and then start playing the game.

Documents & Firmwares

Download the EDIFIER Connect APP for Android or iOS from links below.

Warranty information

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If the product has a performance failure during the effective warranty period, you may apply for product warranty service.

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