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Edifier Movie Night Now @ Home for Tuesday March 31st

Just because you can’t get to a movie theatre doesn’t mean you can’t have your movie night. Now that home audio and video are easily accessible you can create your own home movie theatre. Edifier’s top of the line speakers brings your favourite movies to life. The S2000MKIII is the latest in our bookshelf speaker lineup that gets you more out of your audio.

S1000MKII Blog Pic

Edifier is going to provide you with our list of movies that are available on streaming and break them out into movie genre so we will have suggestions from family friendly to action packed thrill rides.

Family Friendly Movie

Frozen 2

Availability: Now on Disney+

Frozen 2 has recently come to Disney+. It is the follow up to the worldwide phenomenon Frozen. Back is the same cast of voices and characters with new songs and a whole new world. While Frozen 2 scored worse than the original movie, many still enjoy it and maintains a higher audience score over the critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.


Availability: April 3rd on Disney+  

Onward is a classic Pixar road trip adventure revolving around family especially a father and sons relationship. Onward takes place in a world where fantasy used to be alive and well. Once these mystical creatures discovered technology, they abandoned magic for the magic of electricity and the comforts of modern life. One day, two brothers discover their father used to be a magician and use his staff to bring him back for a day. Before the spell is completed, the staff breaks and only the bottom half of their father comes back. They go out on a quest to bring the rest of him back before the day is over. Cast includes Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

Action Packed Adventure

Hobbs and Shaw

Availability: Now on HBO and Crave

Hobbs and Shaw has recently been released on streaming services. This action thrill ride is the first spin off movie from the fun fuelled rollercoaster of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Follow Hobbs and Shaw as they travel around the world trying to stop a terrorist organization with their own technologically enhanced super soldier. Hobbs is played by Dwayne, the Rock, Johnson and Shaw is played by Jason Statham.

Bad Boys for Life

Availability: Now for Digital Rental and Purchase

The third instalment in the Bad Boys trilogy came out earlier this year and its digital release was sped up to come out on March 31st. Now you can see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their roles and wrap up this long-awaited sequel.