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How to Spend Time with Family While Maintaining Social Distancing

You might be inclined to continue celebrating holidays, attending family get togethers and join other social engagements while self-quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak but we strongly suggest taking social distancing seriously. You can still have fun, be social, and #StayHome thanks to programs like Discord and Skype.

Use VoIP Programs to Remain Social

During self-quarantine, it is normal to feel lonely or isolated and feel the urge or need to meet people. You don’t have to be completely inaccessible. With the internet there are programs you can use to keep in touch with your friends or meet new people. One of the most popular ways to interact with people is through the use of VoIP services. Most of these services are free. The best two examples that are free that supports both video and audio are Discord and Skype. You can video or voice call and hang out your friends. Once the call is set up, here are a few things you can do to spend time with your family or friends.



Online karaoke is a growing trend among millennials. Whether you want to do it yourself using YouTube or get together in games like Twitch Sings you can transform your computer room into an online stage and sing your heart out. To get the most out of your performance we suggest using one of our G series gaming headsets that is made for online communication.

Online Video Watching


Another fantastic way to spend time with family and friends is watching movies or videos together. While using Discord, you can set up a watch along using Netflix, Disney+, YouTube or any other online streaming platform. Count down and start the movie at the same time and relax. You can provide your own commentary and make jokes with each other. This way you can socialize while watching something you enjoy. If you plan on doing this with your tablet, smartphone, or laptop our G4SE is the perfect fit.

Video Games

G4 gaming headset with Fortnite

Do you or someone you love enjoys playing video games? Well now is the time to join them or invite others to play with you. Find games that you enjoy and show them what it is you enjoy about the game or find games that provide a common ground. Party games are a fantastic way to spend time with people you love. Jack Box Party Pack is the prime example of having lots of people get together and spend time with each other. There are six games in this franchise, and one is coming out later this year. In fact, one of the games included in one of the party packs is free on PC. Drawful 2 is a fun party game that involves participants to draw the item they are given and everyone else has to guess what the item is. You can use any of our G series gaming headsets for talking with your friends and getting the best audio from the games you play.

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