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Independence Day Activities

Life is an adventure. Live it up!

For the past 4 months under quarantine, we have spent so much time working from home, watching TV, connecting to social media, cooking, and doing chores. Now that reopening is underway. It is time we unplug and get some fresh air. Social distancing no longer needs to be a strictly in-home activity as long as we keep a safe distance from others. Not to mention Independence Day is just around the corner, what is a better reason than going out with friends or the entire family to celebrate this patriotic weekend? Go for a hike, a long walk, or even a family bike ride, spend some outdoor time with family and friends. No more waiting, bring on the red, white, and blue, get ready to get out of town having fun, enjoying your life, and be happy!

In case you need a little motivation. Here are some ideas to help you have a blast with your family and friends this Fourth of July while avoiding crowds.

Watch the Sunset

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Sunsets are always a splendid sight. They are more than just the colours, just like Richard Paul Evans said: Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. Find a great spot to catch the sunset, bring out your portable speakers or put your earbuds on, stream all your favourite music, and enjoy the farewell kiss that nature has made for the night.

Go Fishing

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Fishing is not just about the fish. It's also a great way to spend some quality time, form bonds, and create memorable memories with family and friends, a great chance to catch up on each other, enjoy the fun and thrill of a first catch. Also, give your body and mind a chance to relax. Grab the poles, find a perfect fishing place, turn on your favourite tune, and cast those lines!

Go to the Beach

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The ocean is such a big attraction during the summer, spending time in such a beautiful scene is no doubt another great option. Picture in yourself listening to the sound of the smooth and crashing waves lapping against a shoreline while enjoying the sunlight, isn't it relaxing? Laying down and getting a beautiful tan, swimming, walking, running at the beach are all great activities. Go to the beach, catch little crabs, hit the sandy shores, and have a great laugh. Just don't forget to protect your skin.

Happy Hiking

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Hiking is an excellent way to get some exercise done while enjoying the views. Immerse yourself in nature for a day is not only good for your body but also your mind and spirit. A healthy body is a happy body, going up and down hills gets the heart pumping to help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and also help you manage your weight. Walking with friends and family is surely the best thing of all, bring a backpack with snacks and drinks, let's explore the great outdoors.

Camping Beneath the Moon and Stars

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Camping is always a great way to spend time connecting with your loved ones and nature. It's also a great opportunity to learn how to build a fire, pitch a tent, or read a compass. Look at all the great things you can enjoy when camping: roasting delicious marshmallows, looking up to the beautiful moon, and stars scene, interacting with squirrels, how exciting! Camping is also good for children since they can learn the ability to overcome new problems and challenges to build their self-confidence and explore nature.

Sunlight, wind, and temperature can decrease the virus's infectivity and transmissibility. And as temperatures warm around the country, it's always a great time to venture outside. Breathing fresh air, go on a bike ride to a location you've never been before. Enjoy a day or part of a day on a boat drifting, and having nothing on your mind. Go on a picnic to bask yourself in nature and appreciate the great view. There is so much we can gain by exploring the natural world.

What could be more fun than taking a portable outdoor speaker or a pair of earbuds with you to light up the atmosphere as you pedal through the woods or camp sleep under the stars? Especially those speakers with a small carabiner clip that can hang on various things such as the bike handles, belt loops, or tent pole for more convenience. But you'd better take a splash-proof speaker if you plan to the beach or fishing/boating. Also, don't forget to take pictures to capture memories and record the moments that bring you joy.

Don't waste all of your time staying indoors. You can and should leave your house to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. All these activities listed above are safe places for you to go, which can also help you stay active and healthy while ensuring a proper distance from the crowds. Do yourself a favour, step outside and get back to nature to enjoy every moment to the fullest, and get ready to see smiles all around.