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Learn a New Skill With Online Video Courses

Now with COVID-19 sweeping the world, and we take safety precautions of staying indoors, we are now finding ourselves with more free time than usual. Some of us are taking this time to get to our backlog of shows and movies on streaming services. Some of us are reading books we have been putting off. If you are more interested in bettering yourself or learning a new skill or topic there are many online education systems that you can take advantage of. This blog post will go over some common skills and topics that you can learn that may help you find your new side gig or learn more in an area you are already proficient in. There are even courses that help you improve productivity or change your lifestyle. There are many online services that offer you up to 2 months of free service. Some of these services are Skill Share, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Udemy. Coursera has a small percentage of courses are free so you can see the quality of what they have to offer.

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Web Development

The number one in demand job is web development. In our 21st century society, a web developer is responsible for coding, design and layout of a website. They must do this in tandem with a company's specification. The role must take into consideration the user experience and function of using the website from multiple roles including administration and public use. Web development requires both skills in graphic design and computer programming.

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Photo and Video Editing

Perhaps you are more interested in working in video or graphic design. Online courses are incredibly helpful for teaching you how to use certain tools such as adobe products including Photoshop, After Effects, and Premier. The best thing about these online courses is that you can go by your own pace with a full tutorial or look up something specific as a reminder which is perfect for anyone looking to pick up graphic design, photo or video editing.  

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Productivity and Lifestyle

One thing that anyone can use more of is productivity. Everyone strives to be more productive in their daily lives. We want to get the most out of work and especially our time. Productivity courses provide useful tools and tips that help you self-reflect and self-evaluate so you can improve your abilities to do more with less time. Courses include learning how to create a work week that you will stick to. You’ll also learn good habits that help you manage your time.

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In case you want to get into something more creative online lessons are also available for those wanting to learn a new instrument. Did you get a guitar years ago for your birthday but never used it? Now is the time to pick it up and learn some chords. Always start simple, you learn a good number of songs that are simplistic and only require a few number of cords or simple finger picking. From there, take things slow and you’ll be playing Johnny Cash or The Beatles in no time.