GM260 Plus

In-Ear Gaming Earbuds

Select Colour: Black

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USB-C Adapter for Added Convenience

The USB-C adapter has a digital chip interface and is usable on both sides. It's compatible with multiple smart devices with a USB-C port. The L-shaped adapter has a 90° angle that's super convenient, making gaming sessions and watching your favorite videos a breeze.

10mm Titanium Plating Unit and Metal Cavity

The rugged 10mm titanium-plated unit delivers crystal clear sound and has a rigid all-aluminum metal cavity. This heightens sound levels making it easier to hear every detail on the battlefield.

Professional Acoustics Tuning Created for Gamers

Professionally tuned by the Esports Acoustics Lab and has Edifier's 26 years of acoustic experience. Experience an enhanced soundstage and heightened effects such as footsteps and artillery.

Double Anodization Trendy Gradient Color

Every gorgeous color that's visible on the earbuds is a result of the secondary anodizing process. The 10-12μ precisely controlled anodization makes the color metallic, fade-resistant, and wear-resistant.

Convenient Inline Control for Smooth Chat

The inline control unit can generally control the microphone, volume levels, and earbuds. The all-directional microphone efficiently picks up one's voice and enhances the quality of the call.

*The inline control function is widely compatible with most mobile phones.
The use may be different for some phones or devices. The actual use prevails.

Enhanced Insulation and All-Day-Comfort

With the 55°golden angle in-ear design, the GM260 earphones are more ergonomic. A single earbud weighs only 3g, making them comfortable to wear. They come complete with three pairs of different-sized skin-friendly silicone adapters. In addition, each pair of earbuds come with two-segmented adapters, ensuring effective environment noise insulation.

Multi-Scenario Compatibility

The earbuds can be used for esports, commuting, watching videos, live-streaming, and more.

Attention to Detail

The GM260 Plus Earphones are crafted with intense detail. From the unique design to the sound cavity that ensures a better listening experience, these earphone tick all the boxes.




Cable Length



Φ10mm dynamic driver

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz



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