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Często zadawane pytania
Could I adjust the size of the Edifier W800BT on my head?

Of course, the headband is made from high-quality stainless steel. Simply adjust them by straightly bending out these Edifier headphones. 

Why does the red light flashes of the Edifier W800BT?

These headphones are at a low battery level. You should charge them right away.

Why can't I hear any sound from my Edifier W800BT?

Please check the following points: 1) Are these headphones' volumes at an appropriate level? 2) Are these headphones correctly connected to your mobile phone?

Why can't I call with these headphones?

Please check the following points: 1) Is your mobile in an area with a strong signal? 2) Are these headphones beyond the effective working distance (10m) with your mobile phone? 3) Are there any obstacles between your mobile phone and these headphones?

Why the red light is off when I charging the Edifier W800BT?

Please note the battery will be in the SLEEP mode if these headphones haven't been used for a long time. Charge and wait for 30 minutes then the red light will be on again.

Why can't I control my songs?

Please make sure the paired device supports AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile). 

Dokumenty i oprogramowanie systemowe

Download the EDIFIER Connect APP for Android or iOS from links below.

Informacje o gwarancji

After-sales service information

If the product has a performance failure during the effective warranty period, you may apply for product warranty service.

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