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Premiere Bluetooth Headset

  • Switch from aptX Bluetooth v4.1 mode to wired mode
  • 20 Hours of Playback and 400 Hours of Standby
  • Easily adjust volume, skip tracks and pause tunes with playback controls


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was really impressed with how comfortable these headphones are to wear even for long extended listening durations and even more so with how long the batteries last (easily get the claimed 20 hours Edifier states). I’m continue to be more and more impressed with the products that Edifier creates and am just waiting for the day they they become a household name.

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Build quality is where W855BT surprises me the most. Consider that the Edifier wired headphone flagship, the H850, has a rather bland design – the W855BT in contrast looks absolutely positively luxurious - the faux leather doesn’t look nor feel cheap in any way, the plastic ear cup has a decent glossy piano finish and the silver arm on the headband are all very well polished aluminium works instead of plastic.

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With the 40mm large driver units inside, the manual wasn’t kidding when it said the headphones can create a clear and accurate Hi-Fi sound for all genres. Even with or without using the headphone jack, there’s barely any difference in sound quality. So whether if it’s pop, rock, soul, hip hop, acoustic, orchestra and many others, the sound is crystal clear.

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Intuitive Playback Controls

With the on-ear playback controls easily adjust and change your audio to how you see fit. Never reach for your device to adjust the volume or switch between tracks again. If you need to quickly pause your audio and talk with someone, press the on-ear button and begin the conversation. Once your conversation is over, press the play button and resume listening.

Easily switch between wired and wireless

Enable wireless Bluetooth mode or sync between NFC and enjoy your sound wirelessly. Forgot to charged your headphones last night? Don’t worry, easily connect your headphones to your device with the included male to male AUX audio cable.

APT-X audio decoding

The W855BT uses an all new aptX audio codec. This codec allows for a CD-level near-lossless compression over Bluetooth. This empowers you to enjoy details in music you haven’t head in a wireless headset before.

Made from exquisite materials

Your product can only be as great as the materials used to make them. While placing emphasis on sound, we spend just as much focus on comfort. If you can’t enjoy the feeling of placing headphones on, it doesn’t matter how good the sound is if you immediately want to take them off due to discomfort. With that in mind, we have made the padding feel like you are wearing a pillow on your head

Charge via USB

Using the universal standard for charging electronics, easily charge your headphones via a MicroUSB. Charge them by connecting to your computer, phone charger or USB to outlet adapter.

More than wireless

You are someone that is looking for more than just a pair of wireless headphones. You demand that your headphones to be stylish and sound great. The W855BT Bluetooth headset, uses all our 20 years of professional audio background, to create the most comfortable, highest quality Bluetooth headphones you will ever experience.

All day battery

Nothing is more frustrating than having your device lose battery life during the day. That is why the W855BT has a 20-hour battery life so that our headphones will last your entire day until you get home. The W855BT also has over 400 hours of standby time so it uses less battery when inactive.

Tough on headphones? No problem

The headband and earcups are made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy that is made for taking damage and being abused. Not only does this alloy take a beating, but it also allows the headphones to be lightweight and easy to carry for transportation.


  • W855BT
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.1
  • Effective Range: About 10m
  • Bluetooth Profile: HFP,HSP,A2DP,AVRCP
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Driver Unit: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity: 98dB

What's in the box:

W855BT Headphones、Audio Cable、Micro USB Data Charging Cable、Storage Bag

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