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Ultra-Low Latency TWS Gaming Earbuds

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Ultra-Low Latency
As Low as 15ms for Ultimate Enjoyment

2.4G technology ensures a wireless experience for gamers with latency as low as 15 milliseconds and multi-device compatibility.

*The real experience may be slightly different depending on the testing equipment. To ensure the best experience, please use the dongle.

Simultaneous Dual-Mode Connection
Black Technology for a New Experience

Bluetooth and 2.4G can be connected to two different devices simultaneously to facilitate both gaming and calls.

Perfect for All Scenarios
Plug-N-Play for Stable Performance

Equipped with a USB-C adapter and USB converter, the GX05 is compatible with most game devices in the market and starts playing upon plugging without a Bluetooth connection.

Superb Sound Quality
Gaming Legend and Acoustics Master

Equipped with LHDC5.0 HD decoding, the GX05 features a decoding performance of up to 96kHz/24bit. Boasting a Hi-Res Wireless certification, it can display every frame detail in your game to help secure your victory amid a fast-changing game.

Ultra-Wideband Titanium Coating Unit
Present Every Sound Detail in the Game

The vaporized titanium with a thickness of only about 20 nanometers is adsorbed on the dome by negative ions in a vacuum environment. By utilizing the characteristics of titanium, the unit can obtain high-frequency extension as high as 40kHz and ultra-high analytical power, thus rendering every sound detail in the game.

Exclusive Game Tuning
Full-Soundstage Position Identification Mode

Under the game mode, players may accurately grasp sound details such as footsteps and gunfire in the game to identify the enemy position easily.

Bluetooth 5.3 Low Latency Connection
Stable Connection for Your Full Enjoyment

Rotate the Time-Space Switch
Open the Cyber Dimension

The GX05 allows you to enjoy a crisp “click” and brings you a heavy yet cool feel every time you rotate, arousing the “mechanical buckling” somewhere deep in your memory. Two earbuds and one adapter form a triangular array, rendering the overall design more cyber mecha.

Metal Frenzy
Collectibles-Level Craft

Featuring a zinc alloy body and powder metallurgy machinery pivot, the GX05 brings you a wonderful feeling and creates a fine texture like art.

Eye-Catching Rgb Light Effects
Take You Into a Fantasy

Various GRB lighting effects, let you enjoy the game in light and shadow.

2C Fast Charging Without Waiting
Long Battery Life for Ultimate Enjoyment

User-friendly Control




Bluetooth Protocol



2.4GHz mode (light on/light off): approx.4h (Earbuds)
Bluetooth mode (light on/light off): approx.4.5h (Earbuds)

Charging Port

USB-C (Type-C)


5V ⎓ 200mA (earbuds)
5V ⎓ 1A (charging case)

Audio Coding



Φ10mm dynamic driver

Frequency Response

20Hz - 40kHz


107.6g (Net weight)
4.9g (Each earbuds)

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