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Excellent All Round Speakers

The R980T is compact and each speaker has a 4-inch bass driver and 13mm tweeter. Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Rich, detailed sound from such a small unit

Enhanced Bass Quality

The R980T Edifier bookshelf speakers contain a flared bass reflex port to deliver detailed sound. This port is encased in a 100% medium-density fiberboard wooden enclosure.

Classic Wood Finish

The R980T bookshelf speakers have been created in a wooden accent and complement both a home and office setting. The classic wood finish is designed to minimize acoustic resonance.


Total Output Power (RMS)

12W + 12W

Driver Units

116 mm (Bass) + Φ13 mm silk domed (Tweeter)

Frequency Response

70HZ - 20kHZ (+/-9db)

Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 85dB (A)

Audio Inputs

Dual RCA input (RCA - RCA and RCA to AUX)

lnput Sensitivity

AUX: 550 ± 50mV
PC: 700 ± 50mV

Dimensions (W x H x D)

140mm ×226mm × 197mm

Net Weight


What are the exact size of these computer speakers?

For each speaker: 5 and 1/2 inches wide, 9 inches tall, and 6 1/4 inches deep.

Would these speakers work with an audio technica record player?

If your record player has a line-out option, then yes.

My computer only has a 3.5 audio out. How could I connect these speakers to my computer?

The package included an RCA to AUX cable for you to plug these Edifier bookshelf speakers into your computer.