Warranty Policy


This Edifier after-sales policy only applies to Edifier terminal products that you purchase for personal use rather than for resale, lease or other commercialized use.

Warranty period

For products purchased in different countries or regions, the local warranty period shall prevail in view of the differences in product versions and local laws and regulations of countries or regions.

Apply for Warranty Service

If the product has a performance failure due to quality defects during the effective warranty period, you may apply for product warranty service.

For the implementation of warranty service, the following conditions shall be met:

√ The product has been normally used within the specified product warranty period;

√ The valid proof of purchase, invoice, SN and warranty card shall be provided.

The following circumstances are not within the scope of product warranty services:

× Physical damages that do not attribute to the quality of the products;

× Damages caused by unauthorized dismantling or disassembly of the casing;

× Natural aging, wear and consuming of the casing or surface of products; 

× Damages that arise from the repair by customer in the absence of official instructions;

× Damages caused by circuit modification or by the misuse of battery pack or charger;

× The product accompanied serial number, factory label and other signs being torn or altered.

Other Instructions

√ For products purchased in different countries or regions, the goods return and replacement as well as warranty services thereof during the warranty period will vary due to local laws and regulations. For more information, please contact Edifier via support@edifier.com.

√ In consideration of the differences in product versions and the local laws and regulations, customers shall apply for warranty services at the designated service center within the country or region where the product is purchased. If a customer requests any service out of the country or region where the product is purchased, the fulfillment of the service request depends on the local inventory, and the service fee may be charged by the local service center.

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