Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker

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Compact and Powerful

The EDIFIER R33BT+ Bluetooth sound box is perfect for Home Office environments, delivering power and audio definition with a soft and pleasant sound to hear. Hear your music the way it was meant to be heard with an affordable high definition speaker!

Compatible with multiple devices

The EDIFIER R33BT+ has AUX P2 and Bluetooth 5.0 audio connections that are ideal for portable devices. Thus, it becomes a perfect sound box to connect to Smartphones, Notebooks, Desktop Computers and TV sets with P2 or Bluetooth audio output.

Simple and straightforward operations

With only 3 buttons, the usability of the R33BT EDIFIER multimedia speaker is very simple and sophisticated.
Using the on/off button, you can switch between audio inputs. The volume up and down buttons are also positioned at the top for quicker and more convenient accessibility.

High performance audio

With a total output of 16 watts RMS, it's powerful enough to fill small to medium-sized rooms with rich, deep sound perfect for music, movies and games with the audio quality and definition that only EDIFIER, the world's leading speaker manufacturer of sound in the world can offer at an affordable price.

Audio input indicator

The circular audio source indicator light around the power key cleverly designed to clearly show the input type, blue light (Bluetooth input) and green light (Aux input).


Protect your speakers from particles and dust without losing style and performance. You can choose to leave the EDIFIER R33BT multimedia speaker without the grilles if you feel more stylish.


Total Output Power (RMS)

8W + 8W

Frequency Response

70Hz - 20KHz

Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 85db (A)

Audio Inputs

Aux, Bluetooth

lnput Sensitivity

Aux: L/R: 500 ± 50mv
Bluetooth: L/R: 500 ± 50mFFs

Bluetooth Version


Noise Level

≤ 25dB (A)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

116mm × 208mm × 116mm

Net Weight