Bookshelf Speakers with High Frequency Response

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Solid Built MDF Enclosure

The P17 Bluetooth Edifier speakers can easily reach rich and smooth sounds with low frequency. The built-in tweeter and bass drivers are well-designed for various types of music resources.

Flexible for Your Everyday Music

Whether on your desk or bookshelf, the passive speakers can easily fit the decoration in your room. What’s more, the wall-mount bracket in each speaker offers you a home-theater feeling.

Unique MDF Accessories

MDF accessories are included in the package of the P17 passive speakers. These enclose aim to estimate cabinet resonance, thus you can better enjoy your music with the speakers anywhere you want.


Driver Units

4" / 116mm(Bass) + φ19mm silk film(Tweeter)

Frequency Response

50Hz – 20kHz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

128mm x 238mm x 168mm

Net Weight