True Wireless Noise Cancellation In-Ear Headphones

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Coaxial Dual-Dynamic Drivers
Premium Sound Quality

Two drivers engineered on a parallel axe deliver a natural, detail-rich, and high-definition audio experience. A 10mm-woofer and a 6mm-tweeter built in each earbud ensure a wider frequency response range and create an immersive listening feeling.

Coaxial Dual-Dynamic Drivers

Enhanced Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Sound Mode

When you want to block out the world or get aware of your surroundings, W240TN will help you to do via its extraordinary active noise cancellation and ambient sound. Moreover, the ambient noise level can be adjused via Edifier Connect App, allowing you to instantly switch from immersed to alert without taking your earbuds out.

Bluetooth V5.3 Faster, Stronger, and More Stable

The advanced Bluetooth V5.3 technology guarantees stronger anti-interference, and lower power consumption, steadier connection, you don't have to worry about signal cuts at all.

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AI DNN Call Noise Cancellation Hassle-Free Communication

AI DNN call noise cancellation technology with its powerful algorithm can accurately pick up sounds, seperate the noises and human voice, keep conversation crisp.You are free to make calls even in noisy environments.

Superior Playback Time Non-Stop All-Day Use

You can enjoy a whole-day endless listening from W240TN.

*** Noise cancellation off: about 8.5 hours per charge and 25.5  hours with the charging case
** Noise cancellation on: about 7 hours per charge and 21 hours with the charging case
* Playback time may vary depending on surroundings, volume level

Voice Assistant Supported Get Hands-Free Help

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Chic and Stylish Design Combination of Individuality and Function

The earbud is inspired of implied-strength of locomotive pistons , couple with the delicate appearance of trapezoidal ring,  showcasing a sense of exclusivity and allowing you to demonstrate your personality. The charging case is equipped with dynamic light bars while the light effects also inform  the state of the earbuds. Physical buttons and ring shape are incorporated within the design to ensure the control accuracy.

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Ultra-Low Latency Gaming Fragging with Minimal Delays

Game mode* under 80ms offers a synchronized gaming experience.

* You can go to Edifier Connect App to activate game mode for low-latency gaming experience.

IP55 Rating Excellent for Outdoors

Under IP55 rate, dust and water won't stop the W240TN, you can enjoy outdoor activities and gym sessions.

* Dust and water resistance are not permanent, and the performance may deteriorate due to daily wear-and-tear.

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10-Minute Fast Charge Enables 2 Hours Playtime

* Input:
5V ⎓ 200mA (earbuds)
5V ⎓ 1A (charging case)

Be Comfortable to Wear

4 different sizes* of eartips are included to suit different ear shapes for a secure, stable fit.

* To maximize the product experience, please choose the right size that fits your ears perfectly, to optimize sound effect and minimize outside noise.

Edifier Connect App

Edifier Connect App   Intelligent and Personalized Experience

Use Edifier Connect App to easily set your preferred button controls. Say goodbye to default factory settings and say hello to your own idea. 

EQ settings

Two preset EQ sound effects are available and more EQ settings can be adjusted by your favor via Edifier Connect App.

Edifier Connect App

Shutdown timer function is featured

You can set a time to switch off automatically before going to bed to avoid the over-time sound, or set a time to switch off to avoid excessive use to protect the hearing.

Two brand-new functions for options

You can mute your voice under the call-mode or select a sound control mode you are used to via the Edifier Connect App.




Bluetooth Protocol



ANC On: 7h (earbuds)+14h (charging case)
ANC Off: 8.5h (earbuds)+17h (charging case)

Charging Port

USB-C (Type-C)


5V ⎓ 200mA (earbuds)
5V ⎓ 1A (charging case)

Audio Coding



Φ6mm Dynamic+Φ10mm Dynamic

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz

Output Sound Pressure Level

92dB ± 3dSPL (A)

IP Rating



Earbuds: around 11.6g/pair Charging case: around 39.6g

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