True Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

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Ultra Quietness

The dual-mic noise-cancellation technology is designed for precise noise-canceling and reverse noise offset.

Clear Communication

The dual-mic noise-cancellation algorithm offers crystal clear communication and reduces ambient noise.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring mode offers the intensity of environmental sound and can be easily adjusted by the App.

Gaming Mode

In gaming mode, the latency can be as low as 80ms, which allows gamers to enjoy with immersive gaming experience.

Simple and Compact Design

The super-compact design and minimalist design are rooted in the crafted product.

10mm Composite Diaphragm Unit

The 10mm composite diaphragm unit delivers music with a wider soundstage.

Extended Playback Time

The earbuds offer 9 hours playback time on a single charge and 23 hours extra with a charging case. The total playback time is up to 32 hours.

IP54 Dust and Water Resistance

Both earbuds are protected by IPX54 dust and water resistance surfaces for any outdoor activities.

ntelligent Detection

The intelligent detection of headphone-wearing offers you a more user-friendly experience. The music automatically played/paused the moment when you inser/remove earbuds.

Master-slave Switch

The left and right earbuds have a master-slave switch function for mono or stereo use.

Personalized Functions in the App

The independent App offers multiple functions for a better and enjoyable user's experience.

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