True Wireless Noise Cancellation Earbuds Headphones

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To Be Immersed and To Be at Ease

The W320TN creates an appropriate depth of noise reduction. After big data testing, 20 different levels of air leakage were divided. Each wear was intelligently identified through ear canal detection technology to identify the ear structure and wear status, automatically generating noise reduction parameters that match the current state. While immersing oneself in enjoyment, it still maintains appropriate perception of the outside world, making it safer and more reassuring.

* The noise cancellation effect of open-fit earphones is easily affected bythe way they are worn. lt is recommended to keep the earbuds in asnug fit with the ears to achieve better noise cancellation effect.

AI Multimodal Adaptive System

Adaptive noise cancellation, sound effect, and call systems. Stronger noise cancellation, better sound quality and ultra-clear voice calls.

Crystal Clear Voice Call

3+3 Microphones | AI Adaptive Environmental Noise Cancellation

The left and right earphones are furnished with built-in high-sensitivity feedforward, feedback, and call microphones. In noisy environments, the AI algorithm will automatically match the noise reduction level based on the noise level, accurately separate environmental noise and human voice, intelligently denoise environmental noise to preserve a clear and clean human voice, significantly improving speech quality. Even in noisy situations, the call effect is always clear and transparent.

* Adaptive call noise cancellation automatically turns on during a call.

Customized Sound for Your Unique Enjoyment

Adaptive Sound Effect Compensation

Based on massive human hearing data, combined with AI algorithm to analyze the frequency response of the ear canal, real-time detection is performed every time you wear it, and adaptive adjustment is made to match the appropriate bass compensation coefficient to reduce the loss of sound quality caused by air leakage during wearing, presenting a unique and excellent sound effect.

* Adaptive sound effect compensation will automatically turn on with music playing.

Enjoy Listening Without Pressure to Ear

Open-Fit Design

The W320TN features an open-fit design. They are ergonomic and fit snugly in your ears. Comfy and transparent, zero pressure, along with active noise cancellation technology, reconstructs a new realm of immersive listening.

Wearing Detection
Intelligent Start-Stop

The built-in infrared wearing detection sensor, intelligently sensing the wearing state, keep noise cancellation on and music play when users put on the earbuds, and keep noise cancellation off and music pause when users put off the earbuds.

* This function can be disabled or configured in "wearing detection" settings via Edifier Connect App.

Work or Entertainment Switch at Will

Dual Device Connection

The W320TN can be connected to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for fast switching between devices.

Day and Night Music Never Ends

27.5 Hours Long Battery Life

10 minutes to charge and 1 hour to use, minimizing your waiting time. You may enjoy yourself all day long without worrying about low battery.

* Playback time may vary depending on surroundings, volume level and audio sources.

High Fidelity Sound, Pure Reproduction

Multi-Layer Composite Diaphragm + Low Frequency Inverted Structure

The W320TN adopts a high airtightness independent sound chamber design, equipped with Edifier's new 13mm multi-layer composite diaphragm unit, and linked with a low-frequency inverted phase structure of the rear chamber; 40kHz wide bandwidth, 990kbps high-definition resolution, full details, dynamic, and powerful reproduction of HIFI original sound.

* To ensure a lossless Bluetooth listening experience, please use a playback device that supports the LDAC audio codec technology and go to Edifier Connect App to enable LDAC function.

Hear Every Detail

High-Resolution Sound, LDAC Codec

The W320TN is equipped with LDAC audio encoding and decoding, with a sampling rate of 96kHz/24bit, and can transmit 3 times music details, further avoiding sound quality loss during audio transmission. With Hi-Res Wireless certification, it possesses the ability to fully, accurately decode and restore audio, presenting the subtle changes in sound quality with clarity, precisely reproducing the charm and vitality of music.

Easy Control
Just a Pinch

The W320TN adopts sensitive pinch control, which can effectively prevent accidental touch. Pinch the ear stems to answer and hang up calls, control music playback, switch modes, and more.

Connects to Your Device in Seconds

Google Fast Pair

With Google Fast Pair, the W320TN can quickly and effortlessly pair with your Android device under Bluetooth.

* Android devices running on Marshmallow and above / 6.0+.

The Trick to Victory

80ms Low Latency for Gaming

Latency as low as 80ms in game mode, easy to master a variety of mobile games. Audio and video synchronization secures a victory for users by guiding them to accurately identify the position of enemies.

Dust and Splash-Proof

IP54 Rated

With IP54-rated dust and splash proof, allowing users to enjoy music without worrying about the sweat in exercise.

* Do not charge the earbuds in their wet state.

Unlock Extensive Functions

Customizable Via the Edifier Connect App

Download Edifier Connect App to customize control settings, explore rich and practical functions and discover more music possibilities.

Easy Control




Bluetooth Protocol



ANC On: 3.5 hours (earbuds) + 14 hours (charging case)
ANC Off: 5.5 hours (earbuds) + 22 hours (charging case)

Charging Port

USB-C (Type-C)

Charging Time

About 1 hours (earbuds)
About1.5 hours (charging case)


5V ⎓ 200mA (earbuds)
5V ⎓ 1A (charging case)

Audio Coding



Φ13mm Dynamic Drivers

Frequency Response

20Hz - 40KHz

Output Sound Pressure Level

94dB ± 3dBSPL(A)

IP Rating




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