X3 Lite

True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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Bluetooth V5.3
For Smoother Experience

The Bluetooth 5.3 chip significantly enhances transmission rate and performance, resulting in faster connections and more stable signals. This offers high-quality wireless transmission, delivering a smooth and seamless experience.

Edifier Connect App
Diverse Settings, Infinite Possibilities

The Edifier Connect App allows for extensive personalization and more playable features to suit your needs.

Environmental Noise Cancellation
Clear Sound Quality Without Missing a Single Word

Al environmental noise cancellation technology accurately identifies and separates background noise and human voice, eliminating unwanted noise and ensuring crystal clear and stable calls every time. Even in noisy environments, whispers can be transmitted with accuracy, resulting in a conversation that is as natural and seamless as an in-person interaction.

60ms Latency Under Game Mode
Fast, Precise, and Reliable

With a low latency of 60ms under game mode, sound and image are synchronized, enabling you to anticipate and track every movement on the battlefield. By following the sound, it is easy to determine the enemy's position, launch an accurate counterattack, and secure victory.

27 Years of Experience in Acoustics
Meticulous Attention to Detail Creates Touching Sound

With 27 years of experience in acoustics and the expertise of senior professionals, Edifier creates a memorable musical experience through fine tuning. You will be transported to a stunning musical realm that boasts well-balanced highs, mids and lows, intricate details, and emotive, multi-layered and authentic sound.

24 Hours Combined Battery Life
Enjoy Listening All Day Long

With a single charge, these earbuds offer up to 6 hours of listening time. Combined with the charging case, the battery life extends to a total of 24 hours. These tiny earbuds will accompany you throughout your entire day. You no longer need to worry about running out of battery during your daily commutes, business trips, or travels.

* Playback time may vary depending on surroundings, volume level and audio sources.

IP55 Rated
Dust & Sweat Proof

Featuring IP55 certification for dust and sweat resistance, the X3 Lite boasts a tight and seamless structure that is ideal for daily use. It can easily withstand sweat, providing reliable protection throughout.

Comfortable Wearing, Enjoyable Listening

Every detail has been crafted and refined to ensure a snug fit in your ears. A single earbud weighs only 4g, providing a comfortable fit. Each listening experience is a carefree enjoyment.




Bluetooth Protocol



Approx. 6 hours (earbuds) + 18 hours (charging case)

Charging Port

USB-C (Type-C)


5V ⎓ 200mA (earbuds)
5V ⎓ 1A (charging case)


Φ6mm Dynamic Drivers

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20KHz

Output Sound Pressure Level

94dB ± 3dBSPL(A)

IP Rating


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