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2.0 Multimedia Speaker

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Modeling Dynamic and Fashionable

Inspired by automotive air-inlet grilles, the three-dimensional mesh is made in a unique model to demonstrate a combination of strength, mystery, and exquisiteness.

Light Effects Rendering, An Exclusive Atmosphere

The suspended light strip casts a charming halo on the desktop, creating an immersive atmosphere.

Your Color Palette Companion of Your Moods

With Edifier Connect app, you can modify about 16.8 million colors for RGB light strip. Enjoy yourself with varied light effects accompanying your daily feelings.

Stereo System (2.5W + 2.5W)
More Immersive Experience

The left and right cavities are independent of each other. This smart design reduces the mutual interference of the two channels, renders clear sound, and brings you immersive experiences.

Vivid Sound 52mm
High-quality Full-range Driver Units

Enhanced by DSP technology and elaborate tuning, the high-quality 52mm full-range diver units present a balanced performance from 80Hz to 19kHz and render clear sound precisely.

Bluetooth V5.3
Stabler and Faster

The latest Bluetooth V5.3 chip features lower power consumption, stabler connection, and infinite freedom for wireless audio streaming.

Free of Wiring Hassles

The speaker is equipped with a built-in USB sound card. Just plug the USB-A connector into your computer and enjoy your leisure time.

Free Chats Embedded MEMS Microphone

The embedded microphone is finely tuned and enhanced by an intelligent noise cancellation algorithm. It makes voices clearer during your call.

Multiple Sound Modes
Suitable for More Scenarios

Three preset sound modes are available on Edifier Connect app for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music.

Angled for Acoustics
Designed for Better Listening Experiences

The speaker is specially designed with a slight tilting. This design can help direct sound to your ears, which is more suitable for near-field listening.

Simple Control by One Touch

The touch control panel is mounted on the top. Touch with your fingertip to get full control With your touch, the light strip reacts instantly, indicating the current status of the speaker.

Works with Edifier Connect App
More Functions for More Fun

Download Edifier Connect app for more sound modes and colorful light effects.


Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 85dB (A)

Audio Inputs

USB-A / Bluetooth

lnput Sensitivity

USB-A: 900:50mV
Bluetooth: 900+50mFFS

Bluetooth Version


Dimensions (W x H x D)

383.2mm * 71.2mm * 86.3mm

Driver Units

2" (Full-range) * 2

Frequency Response

80Hz - 19kHz

Total Output Power (RMS)

2.5W + 2.5W

Net Weight


Cannot find "EDIFIER MG250" in Bluetooth mode

• Ensure the speaker is powered on.
• Ensure the speaker is in Bluetooth mode.
• Disconnect from any Bluetooth device by pressing and holding the "Play/pause" button on the speaker, and search "EDIFIER MG250" again.
• Disconnect the speaker from the power source and reconnect, switch to Bluetooth mode and search for "EDIFIER MG250" again.

Sound break occurs in Bluetooth mode

Ensure the Bluetooth device is within the effective operating range and there are no obstacles between the speaker and the Bluetooth device.

No sound from the speaker

• Ensure the USB power is connected.
• Ensure the signal output from the audio source is normal.
• If the volume of the speaker or audio source is too low, turn up the volume.
• Disconnect the speaker from the power source and reconnect.
• Manual switching of devices is required for Mac users in USB audio streaming mode. Please open the sound settings of the Mac operating system and select "EDIFIER MG250" as the output device.

Noise coming from speakers

EDIFIER speakers generate little noise, while the background noise of some audio devices are too high. Please unplug audio cables and turn the volume up, if no sound can be heard at 1 meter away from the speaker, then there is no problem with this product.

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