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Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Experience Your Music in A "Planar" Way

With solid innovation and advanced techniques, STAX SPIRIT S5 incorporates upgraded planar magnetic drivers and latest Bluetooth technology into a compact and portable form factor. The 2μm thin film and 2nd gen EqualMass™ wiring technology endow the product a performance comparable to legendary electrostatic headphones. We sincerely invite you to appreciate the product with your connoisseurship.

The Advantages of Planar Magnetic Driver

The planar magnetic driver, features a flat, thin diaphragm with embedded wires, suspended in the magnetic gap. This design allows the diaphragm to move in a piston-like manner across the entire frequency spectrum. The diaphragm is light and has good transient response, making the planar driver a much better choice for sound reproduction by nature compared to dynamic driver.

2nd Gen EqualMass™ Wiring Technology

It's common practice to address the uneven distribution of the magnetic field by using wires of varying widths on the diaphragm in other planar magnetic headphones. With EqualMass™, we take this approach a step further. By connecting different numbers of wires with the same width in parallel, the EqualMass™ achieves a uniform driving force for all parts of diaphragm while keeping its weight evenly distributed. This allows the diaphragm to move back and forth with the same motion and momentum, reducing harmonic distortion to almost zero. In the 2nd gen of EqualMass™ wiring, we introduce a symmetric wiring structure, further enhancing the diaphragm's stability across the entire frequency spectrum.

*Patent No: PCT/CN2021/124329

Production Phase Auto Calibrate

To ensure uniformity in the magnetic field strength distribution across each planar magnetic driver, we've developed a proprietary automatic toolset for calibrating and compensating the magnet circuitry during production. This meticulous process guarantees that every set of S5 headphones delivers sound fidelity identical to the golden sample crafted by the designer.

Snapdragon Sound Premium Sound Experience

Built with Qualcomm® QCC5181 Bluetooth® audio SoCs, S5 supports Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite to deliver a premium and immersive audio experience.

* It is recommended to use a Snapdragon Sound™ supported smart phone to experience this feature.

Multiple HD Codecs Supported

In addition to LDAC and LHDC, S5 also supports all audio codecs under the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite, including aptX™ HD, aptX™ Adaptive, and aptX™ Lossless. It achieves a bitrate of up to 1.2 Mbps in Bluetooth® mode, delivering high-resolution (24-bit/96kHz) and end-to-end low latency audio. It also supports the AAC codec, enhancing compatibility with a wider range of devices.

Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification

* “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” Logo is used under license from Japan Audio Society.

Multi-point Connection Switch Devices Seamlessly

It supports simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth audio devices. Whether it's a mobile phone or a laptop, switching between devices is more convenient and seamless, allowing you to work and listen to music simultaneously.

80 Hours of Battery Life

Built with a 1500mAh high-performance rechargeable battery, it provides up to around 80 hours of battery life, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted music for an ultra-long time.

* The battery life data is achieved in the Edifier Lab by testing with AAC decoding at 80% volume. Actual experience may vary slightly depending on the testing environment, equipment, volume, and audio file.

aptX™ Voice Wideband Voice Codecs

Based on Qualcomm aptX™ Voice wideband voice technology which delivers 32kHz voice call quality within the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile, S5 features dual-mic call noise reduction, accurately filtering out background noise, to ensure clarity and quality in your call experience.

89ms Low Latency for Gaming
aptX™ Voice Wideband Voice Codecs
Bluetooth® V5.4 Faster and More stable

Edifier ConneX App Customize Your Controls and EQ

You can select from three kinds of preset EQs in the Edifier ConneX App and also customize your personal EQ to suit your music style.

* Download the Edifier ConneX App to explore more functions, such as control settings, find my product.

Seamless Wired Listening

Discover the perfect harmony of innovation and versatility with S5, featuring both USB-C and AUX cables for seamless wired connections across all your devices.

Google Fast Pair Connects to Your Device in Seconds

With Google Fast Pair, it can quickly and effortlessly pair with your Android device under Bluetooth® mode.

*Android devices running on Marshmallow and above / 6.0+.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

*Android devices running on Marshmallow and above / 6.0+.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Unparalleled Comfort and Elegance

Wrapped in genuine lambskin earpads and adorned with top-grain cowhide earcups, S5 epitomizes elegance and refinement in both form and function. Its ergonomic design ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing for hours of uninterrupted enjoyment without any discomfort. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, it stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of luxury and performance in audio technology.

Featuring genuine lambskin headband pads and earpads, which are soft and breathable, providing comfortable wear.
The earcups are adorned with top grain cowhide material, which has a delicate texture and is durable and long-lasting.
Adjustable steel headband accommodates different head shapes to meet various wearing needs
Upgraded pivot hinge structure designed to reduce mechanical vibration noise during wear.
The flexible and foldable design allows for easy storage and convenient portability during travel.

Comes with a pair of genuine lambskin earpads and a pair of cooling-mesh earpads

Genuine Leather Maintenance Method

1. Store without squeezing.       
2. Clean regularly.       
3. Immediately remove dirt when it appears.       
4. Avoid contact with rough or sharp objects.

Product Comparison

ID S5 S3
Control chip QCC5181 Qualcomm QCC5141
Bluetooth version V5.4 V5.2
Planar Magnetic Driver 2nd EqualMass™ Wiring Technology EqualMass™ Wiring Technology
Snapdragon Sound
Hi-res Audio Wireless
Game Mode
EQ Mode Original Mode/ Dynamic Mode/ Monitor Mode/ Customized Mode Pure Mode/ HiFi Mode/ STAX Mode
Audio codecs Snapdragon Sound, LHDC, LDAC, Qualcomm® aptX™ Lossless, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive, Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, Qualcomm® aptX™, AAC, SBC Snapdragon Sound, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive, Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, Qualcomm® aptX™, SBC
Call Noise Cancellation Qualcomm® aptX™ Voice + cVc 8.0 Dual-mic ENC Qualcomm® aptX™ Voice
Battery life Around 80hrs Around 80hrs
App EDIFIER ConneX App EDIFIER Connect App



Bluetooth Range



Around 80hrs

Charging Port

USB-C (Type-C)


DC 5V ⎓ 2A

Audio Codecs

Snapdragon Sound, Qualcomm® aptX™ Lossless, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive, Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, Qualcomm® aptX, LHDC, LDAC, AAC, SBC

Sound Pressure Level

94 ± 3 dB(A)

Frequency Response


Net Weight


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